Dolby Digital from Playstation 2 with Marantz SR 7300?


Egil Johannesen
I am temporary trying to use my Playstation 2 as DVD-source, connected to Marantz SR 7300 with a Monster optical digital cable. But my SR 7300 will not recognise the sound-track from DVDs as Dolby Digital, only stereo. Had no problems with the same DVD´s in my Toshiba SD900e DVD-player, connected to SR 7300 with a coax.

Cannot find anything in setup either for Playstation 2 og Marantz SR 7300 that can explain this to me.

Does anyone have a suggestion to what might be wrong?


I've been having the same problem as well with my Denon AVR-1802 Reciever. Actually, I came to the conclusion, that the PS2 does not broadcast in Dolby Digital AC3 (5.1) format. Just Stereo. :(


Go into settings on your PS2 & change it to optical.


Press "select" on the ps2 controller or "display" on the dvd remote go to "audio" then turn dolby digital and/or dts to on.are you sure that your receiver/pre-amp is receiving an optical in?

Death on Impact
I had the same problem, but G.DawG's thing did it for me. Thanks a lot!

Playstation 2 pros:

Can anyone help?

I have a playstation 2 and am having a major problem with it. When playing most games, in particular FIFA 2003, the games either pause a great deal or simply refuse to move on. I would have tried to get Sony to rectify this but the warranty ran out a month or so before the problem started to occur.

I have also phoned retailers to enquire about repairing the machine but the response I got was that Sony don't allow retailers to repair the PS2 only Sony themselves are allowed to repair them and most thought it would be cheaper to buy a new one.

Which seems a bit of a waste to me! Does anyone have any suggestions?

yeah get an Xbox :)

ewww, no way. Keep or get a new PS2. You think you have an issue with the PS2, you don't want freezing, blue screens of death, bad mother boards, etc. Away away from Microsoft.


I did eventually find what was wrong with my PS2. Apparently the laser lens on some of the consoles tend to fail quite quickly. They can be fixed without resorting to Sony's ripp-off repair service. Anyone with similar problems needs to look here or at similar sites in your region:


P.S. Try a google search on "Playstation 2 Repairs" or something similar.

Is Playstation 2 equiped with internal AC3 (dolby digital) decoder, or do I need external AC3 decocder?
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