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OK, i just bought a home theater system yesterday. it's the sony HTDDW750. What must i do to make it so i can get sound from my TV. i can get the DVD to work fine. Can someone please explain the connections i must make and any buttons i gotta push to make it work. It a Samsung DVD and Sony TV incase that information is needed.

All you need to do is connect the audio line outs of the TV to the audio inputs on the Sony HTD box. Should take one pair of RCA cables, usually the red (right) and white (left) jacks on the back of the TV.

From my past experience with Sony TVs, you have to turn off the internal speakers to make the audio output work. So use the menu button on the TV and turn off the speakers. Also set the output to fixed, not variable when you turn off the speakers. Sony TV's are pecuiliar that way.

ok went to check TV and it has no Audio Outs just Audio Inputs. Would i have to get another TV or is there a way i could make the Audio Ins work

If you have no audio outs then your screwed. Do you connect a VCR to your TV? If so you could connect the audio outs of the VCR to your Home Theater System. Just change channels with the VCR instead of the TV. Hopefully it's a hi-fi VCR.

If you use a cable box with audio outs that would work also.

If none of the above, then yes it's time for a new TV if you want to use this feature.

I have a 27 inch Admiral TV Model GOJ12347 Built in 2000 which I amm trying to hook up to a DVD player. Is there a special setting for this in the menu???

I have honestly never operated a Admiral TV. I think Admiral TV's are made by many different manufacturers, possibly Zenith? If there is no on screen menu, maybe there's a switch on the back for fixed/variable? I don't think there's a web site for Admiral TV's so this may be tough.

Ryan Gello
I just bought a Panasonic HDTV, and for the first time i ran my digital cable thru my Yamaha receiver, then to the tv from the receiver using monster audio & video jacks. What are the pro's and cons to this set up - as far as video quality is concerned - as opposed to connecting the digital cable directly to the tv.

You'd be hard pressed to see any quality difference by switching your component video through the receiver. The main "con" for hooking it directly is that if you only have one high-quality (i.e. component) video source, you only need one cable to hook it to your TV. In most cases, this will be a DVD player or a DSS. If you plan to have both in the near future, then you might as well buy the extra cable now. It then becomes more convenient to view the TV because all you have to do is select DVD or DSS source at the receiver. If you only have a DVD player, and plan to never get another Component Video device, then you can use one cable, direct from the DVD player to the TV. It saves you some money, and perhaps another possible failure point due to poor connections (the more connections you have, the more prone to possible loose connections).


I had one question for you regarding your post...or anyone else who might know something for that matter. I have my DVD Player hooked up to the TV directly using an S-Video cable. I have an X-Box running directly to the TV via composite video. My TV is non-HD and only has one Composite video input. Can both be run through a receiver and then out to the TV as to allow me to have both running composite? Would the composite video out of the DVD player be noticably better than the S-Video on a non HDTV? If not, I don't think I am going to mess with it. Thanks for your help.

Ok, I am obviously a novice at this...is component and composite the same thing? I am talking about the type of input with the three colors (red, blue, and green I think). I think I meant to say component above. Sorry if I confused anyone with my above post.

hound dog
Troubleshooting JVC DVD and HK 325 Receiver---I am getting great sound from dvd's and cd's but no visual. I am using composites and a digital coaxial between the two. When I unhook the coax, nothing changes. Is there a problem with the system or have I missed something?

Hound dog,

Make sure your video out from your DVD player is attached to the video in of your HK receiver. Then make sure the video out of your HK receiver is hooked to the video in of your TV. Then you must change your TV's input signal (via remote) to that of your receiver's video signal. Good luck.
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