KEF Q5's and which A/V Receiver?


Any suggestions would be very helpful and greatly appreciated! I need a starting point. Anyone with experience with one type of receiver and KEF? 50/50 music and TV. Average size family room.



Get a Marantz 7300, or if you can afford to stretch a bit, get the 7300ose. A very smooth and detailed receiver, it is one of the few that has a "music first" philosophy--which is important as those manufacturers who do not put music first end up with something that is unlistenable for music (I am talking Sony, Kenwood, Yamaha, etc.).

The KEFs area very fine speaker, but can be a bit coarse sounding, particularly with the wrong amp. The Marantz 7300 or 7300ose are the perfect match as they can smooth out any rough edges and leave you with superb sound, whatever the application. I have heard this combo and it is very nice.

Hey Hawk,
Thanks, I will definitely give the Marantz a whirl.

Kef Q5 - Right Floor speakers if just for music?

I just have a bottom tier receiver (very inexpensie Sony 50W per channel) but I have to replace speakers and am thinking of upgrading system in future--when receiver dies.

Question: Am I buying a speaker that's designed for dvd/tv watching with surround sound? I'm not into that but am just buying it for cd playing, radio. Wrong speaker?


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