Is it worth the $$$


Is it worth the extra three grand or so to jump from a Pioneer Elite VSX-55TXi to the upcoming PE VSX-59TXi?

It depends. If money isn't a big obstacle for you. If you have a rather large room. If you want Dolby Prologic IIx. If you want PE's latest and greatest MCCAC speaker and acoustic balancing system. If you want THX Ultra 2 instead of THX Select. The difference mostly being on room size---Select is considered appropriate for small to medium rooms. And if you plan on buying the new PE 59AVi dvd player--then I would get the 59TXi, although I am sure the 59AVi will work fine with the 55 Txi.

But I have seen people in large rooms be totally satisfied with THX Select receivers, particularly if they have efficient 8 ohm speakers.

But are you going to get over $2K more worth of performance from the 59TXi or for that matter any other receiver or separates? NO. With everything from receivers to cars, there is always a point of rapidly dimishing returns.

I doubt the 59TXi will cost $3K more--$4600 or so will be the list. The 49TXi lists for $4200 or so and can be gotten since last year for $2700 to $2500. I imagine the 59TXi can be gotten for $2950 to $3500. Much depends on if the dealers have high immediate demand and sell all they have, then they won't mark down much until later.

NAD T762's are closing out now--they once listed for $1300 and generally sold for $1050. They cost many dealers around $780---have seen some close them out at $899. Afterall, they don't want stock after the T763's are around.

You might get a good deal on used 49TXi's that are very similar to the 59Txi's. Might get them for $2k or less. And they are only a bot more than a year since released.
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