NAD T761 or T752 - Either for $800 - Differences?


Greg Kurtz

I have a chance to buy a NAD T761 or T752 for the same price ($800). Differences?

Thnaks, Greg

John A.
I think The T752 replaced the T761 in early 2002, although you would not guess from the name. Both 5 x 60W. Full spec sheets are available from NAD web site

You can get the T752 for $699 from


You can get the NAD T 761 from DMC Electronics for $499.00 ( I hope this helps.

And for once--and I mean only once, John A. is wrong! LOL!!! In the USA, these products are both rated at 80 wpc x 5, not 60.


John A.
And, as usual, Hawk is right!

5 x 80 W in Europe, too.

Thanks, Hawk!

The T761 also has A + B speaker switching. The T752 does not. Doesn't matter to some, but it is a selling point for me.


Thank you for pointing that out. I missed that.

Well, after weeks of reading Hawk and John A. discuss their thoughts on the NAD receivers I finally ordered the T-761 refurb from DMC Electronics to go with the Ascend CBM 170's and 340 center that I ordered last month. Can't wait to get this system put together. Thanks to everyone in this forum for helping me make the decisions!!

John A.

Good luck. Please report back. Now Hawk has put me right on the T561 power, and there is also output for a second set of speakers, the T761 refurb must be preferable to a new T742, as good as that is.

It was a tough decision between the T742 and the T761 refurb, but I went for the extra power and the second speaker output. I think either unit is a great buy. I'm working overseas so it will be a couple of weeks before the new toys get over here. I'll let you know how it all works out. Thanks again for your input.

Greg Kurtz

Got a brand new T752 for $630. It had been opened just to do the software/chip update. It's a local place near my house so I'll have support if something should go wrong. Will set it up this weekend.

Looking forward to hearing your report, Greg!

John A.
Sorry, "T761 power". Yes, good luck, Greg.

Hey Greg, please let me know how that T752 works out for you. I got the T761 refurbished for $499 and I'm hoping I made the right choice.


Hey, let us know how you like the 761 once you have had a chance to use it. I am very interested.

Sure thing Hawk. I read on one of your posts that you like British humor and television. Three of my all-time favorites are "Rumpole", "A Touch of Frost", and (my favorite) "Yes Minsiter". What do you think?

John A.

Yes, please report back concerning the T761. I would have made the same decision. These items last, so also hold their resale value.

BTW Among recent movies you might like the DVD "Johnny English" with Rowan Atkinson, it is a Bond spoof. Also "Notting Hill" (a feelgood movie) and "Sliding Doors". We loved "Fierce Creatures" which kept up to the running joke of US-UK misunderstanding started in "A fish called Wanda".

This is off topic, but nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.


Even my wife likes Rumpole! A Touch of Frost and Yes, Minister are also two of my favorites. Rumpole and Frost are similar charecters as they are both curmudgeons who chafe at convention and other people's expectations.

Yes, Minister is great for the constant chess match between Sir Humphrey and the Minister. I suppose I appreciate Bernard the most as the befuddled observer who can't understand Sir Humphrey's agenda. That is a classic! Having worked in government, it is pretty true, as well!

I also loved the Inspector Morse Mysteries, too. I will miss John Thaw--a fine actor.

John A.
Amen, Hawk. John Thaw was one of the best. Morse was an audio buff, too, just to add interest.

I missed the audio buff connection in Inspector Morse, too! I agree, Bernard is the perfect middleman between Humphrey and the Minister. "A Fish Called Wanda" is obviously a classic. I haven't seen "Sliding Doors" or "Johnny English" but I will put them on the top of my list. I wish I could come up with a retort for the Spanish Inquisition, but if I did I'd probably get spam spam spam spam spammed!

I'm hoping that getting the T761 refurbished will be a good move for me. I like the idea of the NAD technicians looking it over a second time and having a chance to fix whatever might have been wrong with it in the first place. It will be another two weeks or so before it reaches me over here, but I'll let you guys know how it works out.

John A.

"Our chief weapon is surprise..."

Good luck!

"Surprise and fear..."

Our two chief weapons are...

John A.
"Surprise, fear, and ruthless efficiency. Damn, that's three. Let's take it again. Our three chief weapons are...."

Hawk and others, if you liked "Yes Minister" try to see the later TV drama House of Cards and its sequels. Pure joy. Not for nothing does the scheming villian invariably have an effete, upper-class English accent in Disney and much else. The bad lion in The Lion King (extended edition just out - incredible DTS sound) is the latest example to come to my attention.

Morse's musical tastes were more or less like mine. One episode turned on a murder where the chief suspect was the owner, designer and manufacturer of audiophile turntables. Morse had one himself, which helped him crack the case.

BTW watched the extended, region 1 "West Side Story" last night. How do they get such amazing surround sound from a 1961 recording? That is one powerful movie. No-one could touch the issues raised there today, it would be politically incorrect. No dry eyes in the house at the end. And Bernstein/Sondheim's music....

I think I tend to wander off topic on Sundays, sorry. We are just keeping your thread warm until you report back, Greg.

How is it?

John A.

So the NAD761 is not really any better than the 752?
I always went by the second digit, thinking the
76x series was better than the 75x series, which was better than the 74x series...

I am considering a replacement for the Nakamichi IA-1z dts I just sold. The dts was not working (probably just a loose contact) and more importantly, I need 5.1 or 7.1 in for DVD audio and SACD, which the Nak didn't have unfortunately...



The 752, rather than the 762, is the successor to the 761. You are correct that the second digit tells what level it was in the NAD line, but it was explained to me that the 752 is really the same as the 761, only adding Dolby Pro Logic II. They do have the same power (80 wpc x 5) and made in the same factory. The 762 was actually a new flagship receiver slotted above the old 761/752 level. So it used to be a 741, 751, and 761 and the old 751 was essentially dropped from the line as the 752 took the place of the 761 and the new 762 was a higher powered model added to the line.

Now, it is more complicated as there will be a 743, 753, and 763, all successors to the same middle digit model from before. Only now, NAD is adding the 773 to go above them.

I had been hoping to hear from Greg by now to see how his setup went. It will be another week or two before my new toys arrive. Greg, are you out there!

Thanks a lot Hawk!

I missed a demo T762 this morning for only $725 shipped!
I was checking something out when someone else purchased it. My mistake for not realizing that it was a hot deal! I am still kicking myself for missing that one!

Anyway, I have been doing some research the past few days, with some of my top contenders being as follows (in no particular order):

- Marantz SR-7300 ($599 demo).

- NAD T752 ($699 new, or less at auction) or T762 ($899 new).

- Used T761 ($425 OBO). I might just get this if the T752 only adds Dolby Pro Logic II, as you state.

- Outlaw Audio 1050 ($499 new, direct), which has solid construction, high sound quality at an affordable price. The main things that put me off are a lack of DTS-ES and DD EX, lack of true 6.1(?), no component video switching.

Are the Sony ES receivers noticeably below NAD, Outlaw (and even Marantz) in terms of musicality and pureness of sound reproduction?
The Sony ES series models aren't mentioned much, yet they have all the latest surround technology, 7.1 power, a 5 year warranty, component video switching and so forth.
This leads me to believe that they are closer to Denon and HK, or possibly even behind them in terms of musicality and overall sound reproduction.

I am not an audiophile, but sound quality is very important to me.
If it weren't, I would simply take the Denon, HK, Onkyo etc. that had the right features in my price range, since they are all sonically-speaking decent performers for the average listener...

I started with a top of the model line Onkyo Integra stereo receiver in 1989 (still works great and has 380 WPC of dynamic power into 2 ohms).
Then moved into home theater: I had a Carver HTR 885.1 first (ProLogic only, and no 5.1 inputs, except via a DB25 input) which broke and then a Nakamichi IA-1z dts which also didn't have 5.1

Since I am planning to get into SACD and DVD-Audio, 5.1 inputs (and 7.1 inputs) are a necessity. Otherwise I would have kept the Nak.

Thanks again for the help so far!

I don't see the NAD T761 at

Does anyone know if it is still available?
I will call them, but thought I would ask here to see how their site works - I know many places just list a sampling of their gear online...



I think you are on the right track as I like all of the units you are looking at. Given your history of quality receivers with high quality sound, I think you have narrowed your list to the appropriate candidates.

I do need to clarify my earlier statement, however. I did not mean to suggest that the 752 and the 761 are identical other than the addition of DPL II. The 752 has some other evolutionary changes, as well. First, it has the Power Drive power circuitry, which is supposed to provide for a faster amp, it has updated 192/24 DACs for all channels (unlike most of the mass market receivers which put them only on the two front channels) rather than the older 96/24s, and it has much better bass management. The 761, on the other hand, has A/B speaker switching. Whether you would hear any improvement with the 752 over the 761 is one I cannot even guess at.

As for the Outlaw, I would also suggst that it does have true 6.1, but it goes about it in a slightly different manner (different processor) that works just as well.

I hope this is of some help. Good luck!


The T761 is here for 499

about halfway down the page under NAD specials

Thanks Hawk! I am glad that I am on the right track.
Then I suppose I probably couldn't go too far wrong with most of those, with the possible exception of the Sony ES receivers, which don't seem to get the praise for musicality etc. that the NAD, Outlaw and Marantz get.

I may keep an eye out for another cheaper T762, although that deal may not come around again.

Thanks Railbait!
I could have sworn that yesterday they only had a NAD package deal listed for the 761 - i.e. with a NAD DVD player, which I don't need.
I like the fact that dmc has a 1 year warranty, unlike the 90 days that I have seen for some T761s at auction, which are actually 2 year old used models too...

The Outlaw 1050 ($499) and Marantz SR-7300 are still serious contenders, especially since the Outlaw is 'true' 6.1, as Hawk states.
I think I might have been thinking of, or read about, lack of DTS-ES and Dolby Digital EX, which someone may have stated made it not support true 6.1. if that makes any sense?


I will make my mind up soon, since I am without music or surround saound at the moment, and I don't want to wait too long to get a replacement receiver :)

Thanks again!

I wonder whatever happened to ol' Greg, anyway?

He must be pretty happy with it. When people aren't, that's when we hear about it.
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