Hawk - Thanks For the HT Receiver Help!


Not sure if you saw my post after setting up my NAD T742, PSB Image 5Ts, Image 8c, and PSB SubSonic 5i, so here it is again.


Finally got the system set up, and all I can say is "holy sh-t" The whole rig sounds even better than it did in the showroom! Even in plain Stereo mode (with sub turned off) the 5Ts put out nice bass, and great mids. The clarity and prescence is amazing! Once again, listening to Rickie Lee Jones "Flying Cowboys" is such a treat. The production values on the cd come out incredibly! As reported here, even in Stereo mode, I had to put my ear up to the center speaker to ensure it wasn't on, as the stereo effect was so good! One can see how the results of the painstaking work put in by studio engineers and producers in making an album, can be lost in lesser systems. So many of the intricate nuances of the mix are lost.
Then I put in the DVD of Steely Dan "Two against Nature" Once again, blown away! The drummer was right here in the living room! In DTS mode, the surround was amazing ...background vocals coming from the rear, and then there's the sliding notes of the slide trombone in the left rear! Everything was so clear and concise, but not brittle at all...easy to listen to!
I detect none of the reported "bugs", except for the mili-second delay at the start of a CD. Don't understand why, as the 742 recognized the cd player as digital (connected with digital optical cable) There is no "thumping" or other noise when switching DTS modes, nor when turning the unit on or off. The unit has plenty of power (at least for me) For CDs, listening at +10 (volume goes to +18) is deafening!
On to a movie...I rented the first Lord of the Rings, and it was amazing! The sub was not up that loud, yet it rattled my windows in the battle sequences!
Thus far, the only complaint I have is the shortage of digital inputs. My DVD digital audio out is Optical, so that's good. The CD player is also Optical, so that goes into the SAT digital optical in, but my HD Comcast cable box also has Optical out for the digital audio, and the 742 only has 2. The other digital audio in's are Coax. (No Digital audio coax out on the cable box )
Is there such a thing as an Optical splitter (A/B box)?
So, I'll live with the RCA audio ouputs for the TV...still sounds good.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with the NAD T742, PSB Image 5Ts, 8C center and Subsonic 5i!
Thanks so much for everyones help!
Oh and BTW, the store (SoundCity in Denville, NJ) matched the best prices I found on the net (SaturdayAudio and DMC-Electronics) so it was a pretty good deal. Had to pay tax, but no shipping.
Off to more ecstatic listening!

Still loving the whole rig! I found an Optical Digial Switch box at Radio Shack for $20, so I can now have the CD player, DVD, and HD Cable box all in Optical Digital for audio!
I've only experienced one small problem with switching the Surround Modes. When I'm watching TV, the NAD automatically detects the audio signal from the HD Cable box optical audio out, and when changing TV channels, if it finds a DTS signal (such as on HD channels) there is an audible "snap" kind of sound as the receiver switches modes. It's not terrible, and doesn't seem bad enough to damage the speakers or anything ... just slighlty annoying. The other down side is the lack of a learning remote. Doesn't bother me that much, but my wife has to put up with 5 remotes on the coffee table!
Once again, thanks so much for all your advice and assistance!
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