Sugestions for a $450 Receiver


Any suggestions for a receiver less than $450 needs to be surround sound and have a decent amount of wattage.

Easy call. Very few receivers use high quality output stages at that price range--most use cheap IC outputs with undersized power supplies that have no real power for surround sound.

However, you can get the NAD T742 for $449 from Saturday Audio Exchange ( Although rated at only 50 wpc x 5, it is conservatively rated and sounds far more powerful because of its high quality output stages (oversized power supply with high quality bi-polar teansistor outputs). I have heard it directly against other brands 100 wpc receivers and the NAD sounds richer and more realistic--it simply blows them away. Has gobs of dynamic headroom to respond to sudden changes in program matrial, too.

Very good choice Hawk. The only other one I could think of would be a H/K 325 if there are any left out there.

What about a new Marantz SR5300 for $359 + shipping from an authorized dealer?

Is the T742 for an extra $90 over the SR5300 a better choice?

Sorry for all the questions, but I really appreciate the opinions of all the knowledgeable folks here.

Another good choice. The NAD is the best of this group but the others are very nice also. All 3 are worthy in this price range.

Thanks, finally answers.
I am leaning to the H/K 325 for two reasons, there seems to be more real panel options on it than the NadT742, and the reveiws ive found lean me to the H/K 325 but still not sure. And the Marantz SR5300 jsut doesnt impress me as much.
One more question, any of you know of a good site to buy this??
For the H/K 325 the cheapest ive found is at is at crutchfeild for $800!
HEH just kidding$448.63 but its referbished, anyone have a better price?????
Thanks, Nick

G.DawG $414 and thats NOT refurbished. is great I have ordered 3 item from there and all got to me in 8 days or less, and thats to Canada!Great service. (and NO ,im not being payed to say that:-)

There is the new AVR-330 for $489 at I think the look of that receiver is awsome, to my surprise the volume knob is just a circle. That would be pushing the bill, but Its just a suggestion. Good Luck!

I've been using a SR5300 for a week now, pretty constant useage exercising its DTS & stereo abilities. Cost $475, so alittle bit above your limit.
First its faults, it will clip at unreasonable high, to me, sound levels. But those levels were reached only during my own testing, they are levels I'd never normal want.
Twice now its dropped the sound for the DVD input I think and I've had to power off and on to restore it. Remote is really a kludge and a pain to use to control reciever, TV and DVD.

Its nice things. The automatic source playback is great, picking DTS when it should or Stereo.
Sound is terrific for sub 500. Build quality looks excellent. Finally, its made me realize my DVD collection is new because the sounds and music I'm hearing are things I never heard before.

The Marantz was sold.

Thanks for the feedback rbarry and elitefan.

Thanks everyone, but im at a dilemma I already have a Philips fr968 receiver 550watt, I bought it in a package w/ the speakers and DVD player for about $450 about 3 years ago.
Now my question is, and I should have asked this first: Am I really going to gain much by buying a 385 watt system (I know that watts don't matter as much as quality) for near $500?
I already have 2x Gemini 250watt 15" (made for live bands) I believe they're 4ohm
I'm going to get 2x 15" 2ohm 98db woofers I need to make a box for (forgot the brand name).
And 4x 100watt Philips 8ohm satellites (they suck but work for surround sound).
As of now I play my guitar through my comp to my receiver (which I think the receiver doesn't like: lots of distortion) Other than that the sound quality is good/mediocre breaks a little at about 40 outa 50 on the volume, what I am concerned about is the punch in the bass. It's just not making it.
If you guys believe it will greatly improve my sound system I guess this quandary is over and ill get it ;)
Thanks, Nick

^P.S. i got the wattage wrong *350*
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