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I'm looking at getting the top reciever of the bunch. I am looking at the top reciever of these brands Yamaha (RX-V1), Denon AVR-5800), Onkyo (TX-DS989) and Marantz (SR-14ex). Which one is the the way to go (price is not an issue) and it must be one of these four.

does anyone have an online dealer that sell's onkyo integra 9.1 totally left off this years best AVR's in the 10 series of Harman/Kardons. They are blowing the others away with their high current machines. They got back to their roots and really has the others playing "catch up". Do you homework before you buy is all I have to say. You will see for yourself.

I`d like to see some more current info and future release of recievers like marantz`s new sr9200 and 8200,jvc`s rxdp10vbk,yamaha`s new 6.1 line and pioneer elites new 6.1 recievers.I`d want to make a decision on a new reciever b4 dec.

Hey MDL, what is the most important feature for you? If I were you, I'd go for Onkyo's 989 for DPL2!

Has anyone picked up the new Rotel RX-1050 two channel reciever? It has only been out a few months but I'd like to get some feedback on it...reportedly there were initial problems with "bleeding" from the radio channel into other modes but this has been corrected.

I want to get a A/V receiver. I have seen this great machine, the 5080 from the Kenwood 'Sovereign'series. I've never been crazy about Kenwd. I am concerned about the sound quality, but the recvr. seems to be a very endowed machine for the price, which is my price renge. Any input? Should I spend more money for a different name like rottel, Marantz, H/K, etc.

'Overwhelmed in Seattle'

Pd. What is the difference between a Sorround processor, a preamp,an amplifier, a receiver? Who does what?

I need info. on recording with a Marantz 615 CDR with a rrwired remote Plays CD's great. but can't get it to record . IS there any special prosedures. Thank You Bolis

I have a Sony str av770. The volume control contact is dirty and making static. Does anyone have some advice on how to clean it without wrecking something? Also can I put another reciever in phase with this model?

I need some advice.
Is PSB Image range of speakers
works well with a Marantz SR4200 receiver?

Matt Jones
I have a Harmon/kardon AVR120 and don't fully understand WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A HIGH CURRENT AMPLIFIER; QUALITY OF SOUND???? Why shouldn't I return my amp for a cheaper one with a higher output per channel?

Matt Jones
I have a Harmon/kardon AVR120 and don't fully understand WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A HIGH CURRENT AMPLIFIER; QUALITY OF SOUND???? Why shouldn't I return my amp for a cheaper one with a higher output per channel?

Al Holland
I would choose: (1) Onkyo (2) Marantz (3) Yamaha and forget the Denon.
I do not wish to offend Denon owners. This is just my opinion.

Forget the others. Only DENON has a really natural sound. Have you heard an acoustic classical guitar on a Denon? It will blow you away - I guarantee it!
But of course, if you love tens of DSP modes, "high current", "cinema headphones",enhanced bass, fancy displays and the likes, then go for Yamahas, HK or or the other brands. The true audiofiles buy DENONS! Not for the remotes or manuals that are widely criticized but for the SOUND - pure and true. Period.

Al Holland
True audiofiles do not buy receivers.
Denon offers lot of features and not very good sound.

harman kardon avr 525 70x7ch would be my choice. for 649.00 at etronics, dont believe to be a better deal. also, 70 watts? more like 120

I have purchased a ONKYO TX-DS898 AV Receiver the best sound, more hook ups ,does work wow, finaly got the power I NEEDED !!!!

Greg Lee
Jaime: "Pd. What is the difference between a Sorround processor, a preamp,an amplifier, a receiver? Who does what?"

surround processor = preamp
receiver = tuner + preamp + amplifier

I read reviews on the Yamaha v1300 and they were all great, so I had my heart set on buying one. I went to all local audio store to hear one and I thought the detail was incredible, BUT it had a bright, almost harsh tone even though expensive speakers. Then I listened to a Marantz rs5300 worth considerable less with tannoy speakers so small they made me hesitant to even consider them, but the sound was warm, accurate, and very pleasing to listen to, where the Yamaha gave me a headache after ten minutes. I would buy the Marantz hands down

I have onkyo tx989 receiver that is just a little more than a year old. Brand new condition, if interested, willing to part with it for 2000.00
E-mail me @ c/o John

Al, I am a little surprised you like Onkyo, Yamaha and Marantz and not Denon. Most people either find that if they love Yamaha that the marantz is more laid back than they like or that if Marantz is their ideal that the yamaha screams out the highs. Denon's sound falls closer to the Marantz (maybe owing to the fact that they are both owned by the same parent corporation) and yes while true audiophiles do tend towards separates, most people do agree that the best reciever on the planet for awhile has been the Denon AVR5803.

Greg and Jaime, surround processor does not equal preamp though a preamp may contain a surround processor. All a surround processor does is recieve a source signal and break up the parts and tells what sounds go where. A surround processor may be found in a reciever, preamp, source (DVD player) or a standalone piece.

Michael De Luce:

If you are limited to those four receivers, I would go with the Denon first and the Marantz second. I just think they sound better. I abosilutely agree with the earlier comments that Yamaha's receivers are very bright sounding, almost harsh, which many people take to be better detail in the showroom. But some of these people get them home and they don't enjoy them after a while. Getting a headache was what I got, as well.

However, I do agree with Al that for that price, you should look at separates. Check out the Outlaw Audio combo 950 pre/pro with their 7100 amp, or their 770 amp. Cheaper than a flagship receiver (950 w/7100 goes for $1698), but the sound is absolutely much better. (see them at Highly recommended. You can also get a nice Adcom combo (GTP 830 pre/pro with a GFA 860 for about $2K) that will also kick any receiver's butt.

Matt Jones and Jaime Perez:

Audiophiles cherish a true "High Current Amplifier" and I certainly would not trade it in on a higher power rated receiver that is cheaper. When you listen to your receiver, it is generally putting out no more than 10-15 watts, but it is the instantaneous bursts of sound that tax an amp. Soft music, with a sudden crescendo, or a series of explosions while watching a DVD (check out "Ronin"--the sound is incredible). High current capability give the amp the juice to accurately reproduce these sounds.

Now for the really dirty secret in HT--Receiver companies lie about their power ratings. If you look at the receiver ratings given by a manufacturer, and they show separate ratings for front L/R, Center channel, and surround L/R, then you know it is a lie because they are all rated separately (Yamaha, Onkyo, Kenwood, Denon, Pioneer, Sony, et al.). That means the power supply is only having to feed two channels during testing at any one time. For example, a Yamaha RX-V730 was recently tested by a major audio magazine. Yamaha rates their (MSRP $600) receiver at 75 wpc, but when all channels were tested together, the receiver could only put out 39.4 wpc! Similarly, an Onkyo was tested across five channels and found to be capable of only 29 wpc. Jaime, this is why many people (including myself) will put down a Kenwood, for instance, because they promise 100 wpc, but they can never deliver it in full surround sound. They are LYING to us and many people buy into this nonsense because they are distracted by all the nifty "features" (a/k/a toys) that they want to sell us. But they put in a crappy power supply and all of those features mean NOTHING without real power!

One thing I like about Harman/Kardon is that they are honest about their power rating. In fact, there are only three receiver manufactureres that I am aware rate their amps and receivers across all channels--Harman/Kardon, Marantz and NAD. With your receiver, you will get your full rated power across all five channels, at a minimum. And, with the High Current capability, the H/K is capable of even more power on transients, which is where you need the power, so I would not trade over the issue of power. You are getting it Matt, but you won't get it by trading down for a receiver with a higher power rating.

If you want to trade because you don't like the sound, then that makes sense, but I would strongly recommend that you look at the Honest Three (H/K, Marantz and NAD) before you look at anything else.

Greetings, I want to upgrade my reciever to 7.1 THX. I have been debating between the onkyo TX-SR800 or the Denon AVR-4802R. Seem about the same except price ($1,000 vs $1,500). Help

My reciever will whoop any separates a$$ without question my Kenwood vr-605 would put any Denon, Yamaha or Nad to shame The Only one who might JUST stand a chance is Harman Kardon.

Micheal De Luce,if you want TRUE power take a look at the Kenwood vr-605.

I am Running a Newcastle 963 and it does a great job at doing everything and is a nice balance right in the middle between Yamaha and Marantz at least for me. Best of all it is retailing at 1200 alot less than most of the others. I think Sherwood Newcastle is a steal right now, and to answer the Watt questions fully driven which is 7 channels Sound and Vision measured 100WPC at .05% THD not too shabby eh

Where did you get a Sherwood Newcastle R963 for only $1200? The best price I've seen on line so far has been close to $1500. I'd buy it in a second at $1200.

Al Holland
I have either owned or demoed every brand of receiver that Michael mentioned (and others). The only Yamaha that I would consider is the RXV1, however, I do think it is borders on the bright side. I also think that the high end Denon receivers are bright and thin sounding. I still own and Integra 8.1 which I think is closer to Marantz in sound. I prefer a neutral to warm sound as it is non fatiguing after hours of listening sessions. I would choose the B&K 307 over all receivers for sound but not for quality. My first 307 was replaced due to defective amps and I sold the replacement. I have a friend with the REF 30 per/pro and it has had many problems also.
I demoed a Kenwood 6070 and found it to be as good as any receiver with movies but not very good with stereo music. The 6070 was found to have 92 watts per channel with all channels driven by one of the leading magazines.
I now have Rotel/Sherbourn seperates. This combo costs less than any high end receiver and is superior to any of them in my opinion.
We all hear differently as I do not think Denon and Marantz have any similar sound. Also, I did not know that Phillips is the parent of Denon.
The quality of sound is subjective to the listener and that is why you need to audition as much equipment as possible and then buy your preference and not what another suggests. Thankfully we have so much to choose from and there is something for everyone. There is no end to the fun of putting together your perfect system. Best of luck to all.


Phillips is NOT the parent of Denon. What happened is that Phillips owned Marantz and was not doing well. About 16 months ago Phillips instead managed to contribute Marantz to a new company called DM Holdings, LLC. Denon contributed its Denon brand to the new venture. Phillips owns something like 18.5% of DM Holdings and Denon owns the remainder. In short, Phillips is a junior partner in the audio company that makes and sells Denon and Marantz products. Denon is the senior partner.

BTW, a couple of months ago, DM Holdings also bought McIntosh from Clarion, so DM Holdings is looking to cover the entire market from top to bottom.

Hey where are you audiophiles when I need you? I am looking for somewhere where I can get a decent deal on the Sherwood Newcastle R963. The run of the mill deal appears to be around $1500 but you have this one guy above who claims to have seen and bought at $1200. Now either he was blowing smoke or he was buying "B" stock or he knows something I can't find. Was he delusional or can the R963 be had for considerably less than $1500? Or is this site simply sensored by the sponsor? Is there a better message board somewhere I should be checking?

Current setup is YAMAHA RXV1, with JAMO D590 main speakers, D5CEN (center) and D5SUR (REAR L/R) and another D5CEN for (rear center) and a 1000 watt YAMAHA SUB, PIONEER DVD.
I will put this beast up against any combo/package in HT mode, it just blows me away every time I play a movie in DD or DTS. Its got to be heard to be believed.
But like many a reciever owner complains about is when playing a cd in 2 channel, I see many people saying get this get that, DENNON/MARANTZ/ONKYO/KENWOOD/PIONEER (SONYS NOT IN THE RUNNING "SORRY") but truth be known, they are all crap in 2 channel mode!
They are desgned for HT, and you just cannot get the best of both worlds, because 2 channel CD and multi channel HT are like chalk and cheese!
What I am going to add to my beast is a ROTEL (HUGE POWER SUPPLY) RB1080 2 channel amp to power my hungry main speakers, and this should fix the lack of CD quality in a big way!
Has anyone tried a ROTEL RB1080 with a YAMAHA RXV1??????????????????
EMAIL me and tell me your thoughts, It would be much appreciated.
As for Brands, I had ONKYO-MARANTZ-DENON-PIONNER, all of wich "TOP SHELF PRODUCTS" for three days a piece to help make my mind up, it was the YAMAHA RXV1 that out shot the rest in HT DTS-DD, and they all were nothing short of dissapointing in CD 2 channel mode.
So save your bickies and include an extra 2 channel amp in your budget, cause if you want it all, thats what you gota do!
Go for the 2 channel amps with a huge power supply, not just because of bang! but because of refinement and clarity and ease of driving your speakers.

John A, You are absolutly correct :-)

Any Reason why no-one even mentioned NAD (752/762)?


I agree with most of your post. But I would also like to add that the pre amp section in 2ch will now be restricting the performance/quality.

IMHO, 5+ch and 2ch cannot be done to the benefit of both. The equipment is not the issue, as you can incorporate the necessary stereo and home theatre equipment into one system. However, the limiting feature will then be the room acoustics.

5 channel acoustics and stereo acoustics are two very different beasts. One can only be mastered at the detriment of the other. Therefore, you are always in a compromise, and theoretical improvements in equipment will not be realised in reality.

Just my 2c.

This is an interesting point... I'm someone who will primariliy be listening to 2ch sound, but I want the 5ch capability for occassional use. Which manufacturer is the way to go? Any models to recommend?


If you want good two channel sound from a HT receiver, the only manufacturer of affordable receivers to consider is NAD.

thanks Hawk, i'll look into it!

John A

There will be no pre amp restriction once you leave the HT as is, with a speeker switch for lets say, amp A and amp B, and the added power amp slapped directly to CD out put (anolog) and presto, 2 very different setups, for 2 very different listening experiences,
But it would be interesting to see if there is a marked improvement over pre amp style setup, and bipass pre amp style setup, I will let you know when I find a good price for a ROTEL AMP.

That was 90c worth He He!

Hello Audiophiles! Need some advice here - I've always been deliberating to pick up the Bryston 3BSST poweramp and BP25 preamp to go with the Definitive BP10B. Is this a good combination?

Hello Audiophiles! Need some advice here - I've always been deliberating to pick up the Bryston 3BSST poweramp and BP25 preamp to go with the Definitive BP10B. Is this a good combination?
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