RCA red inputs only work not the white ones????


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Can someone help me figure out what the problem is with my sony home receiver. Only the red rca works on all of my inputs, not the white ones, any idea what happened or what i can do to fix it.

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Have you checked to see if your balance control is all the way to the right? Is your left speaker properly connected?

If the above are good, then it sounds like your input/source/function switch has a loose connection from the left channel side of the switch. If this receiver is still under warranty, send it back. Otherwise you should find out the cost of having it fixed vs replacing the unit and go the cheaper route. Unfortunately, such repairs often cost more than it would to replace it. The saddest part is that such repairs, for a qualified repairman, are usually quite simple. It may be a matter of replacing the switch or soldering a loose wire. I hope this helps.

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There could be numerous reasons why onely one channel operates. You've not given us much information to work with. Do as instructed above with checking the operation of the system. Also make certain the problem is in the amplifier and not the speakers. Swap speaker wiress from one side of the speaker connections at the back of the amp to the opposite side. In other words, connect the right speaker to the left channel outputs and vice versa. Make certain you have the speakers connected properly, + on the speaker to + on the amplifier and - to - terminals. Do this with the power off and make certain you have good connections at all locations. If you have shoved the speaker wire far enough into the connector to have the insulation of the wire touching the connector, the speaker won't work. Only bare wire should be touching the connector terminals.

If you're convinced the problem is not in the speakers, swap the channels on the connecting cables between components to verify the problem exists in the amplifier. Does the tuner (radio) work through both channels or only one? Let us know what you find after you've done more testing.

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