Receiver volume control issues.


I was at a local Klipsch dealer listening to Klipsch Reference series speakers on a Onkyo receiver, the NR900 I think. We were watching Daredevil and I wanted to really crank it up to here what the Klipsch RF35s could do. However it wasnt until about 52 or so on the dial did I really hear the speakers getting much louder, and the receiver topped out at 75. Even though it had a fair amount of volume it wasnt even close to breathtaking. Was this the fault of the receiver or speakers, and if it is in the receiver what could be done to prevent this? Do some receivers/preamps get into higher volumes quicker on the dial than others? If so which ones?

Receiver, I am sure. A recent issue (June, I think) of Sound & Vision tested the Onkyo 900, which is rated at 125 wpc x7, but it clipped at 52 wpc! It just doesn't have the guts. Those Klipsch Reference speakers should be demo'ed with some quality separates.
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