Advice for the NOT SO informed please?


Hi everyone.

I'm a guy who has built my HT fairly backwards and need some advice to finish off a project thats been going on for WAY too long. I've got what I think is a fairly solid base to start as far as speakers go. Here is what I have:

fronts: Polk Audio RT1000i w/self-powered subs
center: Acoustic Research AR2C
subwoofer: Polk Audio PSW450 12" sub

My first question is my reciever. I currently have a old Sony that wasnt great when it first came out. It only has pro-logic surround and I want digital/DTS/etc. Usage is about 70% movies, 30% music. I have been looking at the HK AVR230 which I found at Etronics for $375. It seems to have some nice features, and I have heard good things about it. Only down side I have is that my TV/VCR/CD/DVD, are all Sony so it would be nice to have a sony for remote compatibility issues. Does Sony make anything worth having though, and will it sound as good as the HK?

My other question is rear channels. I have recently stumbled upon a open-box set of Polk Audio FX300i for $77 per speaker. Polk lists these at 209.95 MSRP. Do you think these will sound good with my setup? It would be nice, since this price seems a steal. Also, do you guys feel I should get a Polk center since the rest of my setup is Polk, or is the AR2C ok?

Any input for a newb is appreciated


No, I don't think Sony makes anything worth hearing. However, you can solve your dilemma by getting a Sony Universal Remote to control everything if you want. For that matter, check to see if the H/K comes with a universal remote. These work with any brand as you can punch in the codes once for your Sony equipment and it will control all of your sony gear as if you had a Sony remote. If the H/K doesn't have a Universal Remote, look for a closeout on the H/K 325 which I believe does have a Universal Remote included with the receiver. Nice receiver, too, for just about the same price.

As for your speaker questions, I would say sure, the Polk surrounds would be a good match, particularly at that price. As for the center speaker, it is really up to your ears. Can you distinguish between the sound of the AR and the Polks or do they blend together to present a unified sound in the front? If they blend, stick with your AR. If not, get a Polk.
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