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Hello, I have a RX-DP9VBK JVC A / V receiver and in order get the center channel speaker to play while I listen to music, I have to turn on one of the DSP modes. Pro- Logic sounds bad. Most of the other ones sound bad as well. I have noticed the Unit dramatically alters the reverb and such between the DSP settings. How can I listen to music so all the speakers are playing without having the unit impart tons of reverb and such.

Thanks all.

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There is no multi-channel content in cd music recordings, and old pro-logic gear can only create about what you hear.
SACD and DVD-A recordings are for multi-channel music, but thats another story.
If you choose stereo playback and A+B speakers, you may get 4 speakers going, but no center.

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If you need all the speakers going to sound good, you've got one of two things most likely going on...

Your front speakers are placed properly

Your front speakers are junk

Could be a bit of both. Just putting speakers wherever they fit and/or look best won't do anyone any favors. Speakers don't sound nearly as good as they can sound if they aren't set up right.

For an easy to follow explanation of speaker setup, Google Audio Physic speaker placement.

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Thanks a million everybody. I just purchased new Klipsch R 62's so they are good speakers. I think the center channel speaker offers a nice touch is all.Sounds like I need to continue to work on placement.

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dt, you would be surprised by how many pedestrian speakers can sound so good in a well placed room and speakers perfectly spotted and with the right support.

This is not for everyone, of course, with lifes tradeoffs, but some very surprising results come from the 'cheap' or 'free' world of your environment.
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