Denon 2803 vs. NAD 752?


I am trying to decide on one of these two - have an old NAD stereo receiver which I have loved. Have read that the NAD A/V receivers are prone to malfunction requiring early repairs (?).

Not true about the current line-up of NAD receivers. You must understand that every manufacturer of receivers has had problems from time to time. This board was covered with people who had problems with the Onkyo 500 and 600 receivers about a year ago. Onkyo is a good brand, but these things are complicated and often times the software gets bugs in it. NAD had some problems in last year's models, but they appear to have solved their problems. I have been checking with the local dealers here and they have been very pleased by their reliability.

I am a bit surprised you are looking at these two receivers because they have a very different sound. I currently have a Denon, but the Denon is really aimed at HT--it is not what I would call a "musical" receiver. It is very clean, but it is also very dry sounding and a bit forward. For music, this makes it harsh sounding (although not as bad as a Yamaha). NAD is warmer and more musical, but just as clear as the Denon. I happen to think that the 752 is one of the best values out there. If you have loved an NAD, you will be disappointed by the sound of the Denon.

Since you already know you like the sound of your old NAD stereo receiver, my advice is get the 752.

Hawk, I was looking at the T742 Nad. How is this receivers quality build? Or, if you would, give me a good source for a good price on the T752! :)

I really like the 742 and it is not a unit to dismiss. The best price I have seen on the 742 is at Saturday Audio (, which currently has it on sale for $449. As their name implies, they are only open on the weekends.

The 752 is a little harder. I have three sources you can check out: 1. Kief's Audio-Video ( Great people, good prices.; 2. YAWA (; and 3. DMC Electronics (

Check these guys out. I know you can get a good price from any of them.

I hope this helps.

I purchased a NAD 761 A/V receiver at the end of last year. About 3 months later the rear right channel went. The dealer convinced NAD to replace the unit with a NAD 752 provided that I pay in the difference. I was very happy with the 752 until the center channel went about a month ago - so much for the improved quality. It is now in for repairs.

Hi all,

This site has been very informative to me...I am about to buy a T752 and at least I know what I am about to get into by reading all these constructive feedbacks. By the way it will be very helpful for people to start putting their unit's manufacture date with messages. At least by doing so, all of us will have some idea of when the frequency of problems rose since T752 was introduced. Perhaps we can convey that information to NAD if they care to know... We all can be a part of good consumer watchdogs as well as audiophiles.

By the way I am still buying T752 because I fell in love with the way it sounds despite all these known problems.... Wish me a good luck!
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