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Is there a similarly priced receiver out there that will sound like a NAD but without the bugs of the NAD?

Is Rotel any better?

Yes. Rotel is a very fine brand with a leaner, crisper sound than the NADs, but it is very clean and engaging, as well. Their receivers start at about $1299.

Also look at the Marantz 7300 which has a MSRP of $899, but can be had for about $150-200 less.

However, despite the postings on this board that have made the NADs sound full of bugs, I don't believe it. I don't think their returns are any greater than any other brand. All HT receivers are very complex units and all brands have something that is not easy to deal with. I have also checked with three different dealers who deal with NAD along with other brands and they have confirmed to me that they are not seeing any more problems with NADs than their other brands (which pretty much run the gamut of the brands out there). We have had many postings on this forum about bugs in other receivers, too, but lately no one seems to care. Lately, it has been largely about NADs probably because it has been perceived that there are some NAD experts on this forum who can help.

I've seen many comments on how the Outlaw 1050 sound and build quality is similar to NAD, it sells for $499, around the price of a NAD T742. There have been a number of bugs in the T752 firmware that have been fixed with later revisions, whether or not new ones have been introduced along the way I have no idea. Others can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe these firmware bugs are limited to the T752 and T762 models. I've not seen any mention of problems with the T742 model.

Thanks for your reply's.

I heard great things about the Outlaw 1050 but it is butt-ugly. Not gonna work.

So it's either Rotel, Nakamichi or Arcam. Thats what I'm coming up with so far.

Thanks Hawk. I won't be in the market to get a new receiver for another 6 months so I'm gonna wait for the new NADs to appear so I can get an idea if NAD is learning from their past mistakes.

Tiiime is on my side.

Hi all,

This site has been very informative to me...I am about to buy a T752 and at least I know what I am about to get into by reading all these constructive feedbacks. By the way it will be very helpful for people to start putting their unit's manufacture date with messages. At least by doing so, all of us will have some idea of when the frequency of problems rose since T752 was introduced. Perhaps we can convey that information to NAD if they care to know... We all can be a part of good consumer watchdogs as well as audiophiles.

By the way I am still buying T752 because I fell in love with the way it sounds despite all these known problems.... Wish me a good luck!
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