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Hi, I was thinking about getting the Onkyo HT-S660, but I found out later it doesn't have a dolby digital decoder, which is important since I'm using it 90% for dvd purposes.. anyone have any recommendation for a better setup? my place is small around 15 by 20 and I live in an apartment building so I won't be blasting the sound too much.. My budget is around $800 dollars for a 5.1 surround sound system.. just looking for some decent speakers (small is good) and a good receiver.. Thanks


I am pasting a link to a system that is very good and just a little more than your budget, so I hope you can stretch it that far. If not, consider getting just a receiver and a pair of stereo speakers that you can add to later on. Here is the link:

The Athena speaker package goes for $800 by itself, so they are almost giving you the Onkyo receiver (only another $136.95, for a receiver with a MSRP of $499).

I forget the person that wrote about what receiver to get for an Axiom 80 tower system. Something intrigued me about that and I wrote to Axiom.

Some were arguing for NAD, while others mentioned Marantz, HK or whatever. I was suprised by the resposne.

This is what I got back::

Hello Greg,

The H/K AVR525 will drive the M80tis with ease. In fact, H/K and Denon are the only receiver brands that I recommend for the 4-ohm M80s (other brands either shut down, overheat and shut down, or limit current output severely into 4-0hm loads).

I use the H/K AVR525 and it drives my M80s and M22ti's with no problem. Ignore the warning on the back (Use 8-ohm Speakers). The H/K amps are stable and robust into lower impedances.

Thanks for your interest in Axiom!


Alan Lofft
Axiom Resident Expert
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