How are bose am series speakers


i wanted opinion on bose am series speakers set especially am6 and am15, am 10 what are the differences between them

Most of the 'knowledgable' people here will bash Bose. I suggest that you listen to them. They sound different from the other conventional speakers, whether they are good or bad is a matter of personal choice.

I have like Bose for classical, acoustic and Jazz type scenarios myelf.

I own a Lifestyle 12 system for 7 years now..It does an ok job, an as the prior post said , it is good for classical and jazz...The speaker size was just what we needed in the room it is in..That said, i recently installed a home theater system, and was going to buy the Acoustimass 15 speakers..actually purchased them ,and subsequently returned them....The sound that i was looking for, was not what the Bose Acoustimass produced...And after testing many speaker combo's, i realized that Bose is simply overrated by the masses....And for the $$$, you could do far better then Bose....

Bose=Bad! No highs and no lows it must be Bose! Great marketers of bad products.

If you are thinking of buying Bose, DONT, I have compared them to a 250$cdn. HTIB and the HTIB won the competition. Thats how bad THEY SUCK. I would rather have a boom box then Bose. The onyl good thing those Bose speakers are good for is door stops, maybe the "subwoofer" can be a fishing weight.

I think thats a very biased opinion. Bose has a different sound that the other conventional speakers. I dont own a Bose but I heard them a lot. They seem to do justice to music which have amore acoustic flavour. They also seem to 'seperate' instrucments better in recorded music and give a more live ambience.

Like I said before, hear them. You can get a good demo at a Bose store or at a local BestBuy. If you like the sound by all means buy it. They are reliable and backed by decent customer support.
There are better products and there are worse products. Trust your ears.

I recently bought a set of Bose PC Speakers and was blown away by it. Easily beats Altec Lansings and the kind. Its a bit expensive though. I would recommend Bose anyday

HOw would they be if i addded an extra sub with the bose am6 aeries speakrs G.DawG

Bose is overpriced crap. Is Budweiser the best beer because Anheuser-BUsch spend the most money on advertising? Obviously not. Similarly, just because Bose spends a fortune on advertising doesn't mean their speakers are good. They are cute and look cool; that's it. For true sound reproduction, whether for music or soundtracks, you need a mid-sized or full-sized speaker cabinet, and ideally, three drivers (tweeter, mid-range, woofer) to reproduce the three main frequency ranges (low, middle, high). For the price of a Bose set-up you could get get the awesome Wharfedale Pacific Evolution 30 speakers, which have Kevlar drivers (the best material available) and have money left over for a great receiver and your kid's college tuition fund.
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