Can Marantz SR7300 AV Amp be abled to drive 4 ohm speakers.


Hi All

i am a newbie and i am thinking of buying Marantx SR7300 AV Amp for my HTS. I own Dynaudio Audience 52 as my front speakers, will try to get Audience 42C and 42W later. I am aware that SR7300 is a 8 ohm receiver with 105W (RMS per channel). i will like to know will SR7300 able to drive the 4 ohm speakers.



Tough question. I had Magnepan MMGs, also rated at 4 ohms and my Marantz dealer was very worried as the back of the receiver says 8 ohm or higher speakers if connecting all channels. On the other hand, I have also been looking into the Dynaudios (superb speakers, BTW) and my local Dynaudio dealer doesn't think their 4 ohm rating is a nominal rating but a minimum rating. In doing some research, I was unable to find a speaker review which tested the impedence rating of the Dynaudio 42s, but I did find one of the Dynaudio 40s, its immediate predecessor. See it here:

Since the drivers are very similar, I would suspect that the impedence curves are too and I would think that the Marantz would work with your speakers. If you look at the curve carfully, you do see a couple of low swings down around 4 ohms, but never below 4 ohms and large sections of the curve are much higher. So, I think my local Dyanaudio dealer was right that it is a conservative rating by Dynaudio and the Marantz could probably drive them without much difficulty.

Good luck!

Nicholas Teo
Hawk :

Thanks you
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