H/K 520 or 525?


Say What?!?
I only have a 5 speaker setup and wont have anywhere to put any additional speakers until i get a new house, so the extra powered channels arent too much of an issue. I can get the 520 about $100 cheaper than the 525. Anyone know of any reason this is a bad idea? Or if there are other differences I am not aware of?

Say What?!?
anyone have an opinion?

For only $100 I would get the 525. You might need those 2 channels in the future, never know. Are you set on the H/K or open to others?

Say What?!?
I'm open to others I suppose. Locally I dont get to here alot of the brands in sound rooms, unless you count Circuit City. I dont count them because their sound room was a joke. In trying to match my speakers (Polk), they had quite the ordeal. On one setting we got the Polk front channel, some crappy sounding Bose rears, and no center was hooked up at all. On another setting was my Polk rear channels with Infinity fronts and Pioneer lower line center. They had the complete set of speakers from Polk that very closely matched mine but the center wasnt hooked up and the rears and fronts where on 2 different circuits. It was a joke and the dumbass they had working in there said he didnt know how to change the wiring and wouldnt let me do it.

WOW...I got way off track there. Sorry, CC just pissed me off.

Anyway, fire away with other suggestions....LOL

The HK 520 is a very good unit so it might be all you need. But it is a little old, they stopped production on those in mid 2002. It's not new model. If you're sure you won't need the 7.1 capabilities after you move into your new place, go for it. I wouldn't pay more than $400-450 for it though since its an older model.

I myself would look for a 525 on closeout. You might be able to find a good deal online. The NAD 742 might be a good option also if 5 channels is all you need for sure. I think it goes for around $449.

You are on the right track with H/K and Polk combination. I would like to know which Polk models you have. I would also recommend you consider the Elitevsx43 or 45 or the new Elite 53 and Marantz 6300 or 7300 or even the new Marantz 6400 or 7400 depending on your budget. All 3 brands are great match with Polks.

Say What?!?
My decision got alot easier tonight. I stopped by the local HH Gregg out of boredom, and figured an old friend works there. They had one 525 left, new in the box, and I took it home for $400 + tax. I was smiling from ear to ear all the way home.

I got home hooked it up and got some basic setup done, and the smile got bigger! I love it! Of course I am moving up from a, don't laugh too hard now, Sony 385 pro-logic, so you can imagine the difference in sound.

btw, elite my setup is this:

H/K AVR525
Polk Audio RT1000i fronts
Acoustic Research AR2C center
Polk Audio FX300i rears
Polk Audio Sub (dont remem model #)

Wow! $400 for the HK 525. Congrats you just got a steal!! Looks like you need a matching Polk center for your setup.

Happy listening!

You are one lucky SOB for getting the 525 so cheap. Way to go! You really do need to get a Polk center and you'll have a truely great system. Congrats.

$400 is a bargain for sure. If your AR2C center is in decent shape, you should be able to pick up $250-$300 for it on ebay. They're very hard to come by, no online retailers carry them anymore.

Say What?!?
Yeah the AR2C is in good shape. It doesnt sound bad with my Polks, but I probably will end up getting a Polk center, as it will probably be better matched. Prolly wont happen till post Xmas though.

I have polk rt1000s,fx 500 surrounds,&400center.I want to replace my pioneer reciever.I am looking at marantz 5300,yamaha rxv1400& hk 525. I like listening to music alot, & enjoy watching movies in 5.1 surround. Can anyone help me make a good decision on a new reciever? I have about 7-$800 to spend. Thanks Mark

What Pioneer model do you have now? As to the other 3 the Yamaha would be a terrible combination with Polk. Way to bright. The other 2 would be excellent. The Elite vsx53 is as good as the others so consider it also.

Hey elitefan I have a pioneer vsx d608,I am having problems with the volume knob. It is 4 years old or so .It has been fine for my 1st surround reciever, but I am looking to upgrade... oh yea I also have a NHT 10 " sub that compliments the system. Thanks for your feed back.
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