Thx vs. digital ex


what is the diff? do you need thx if the receiver has ex?

see Crutchfield for definitions.

Is one necessarily better than the other? Will they both do the same thing?

THX is a certificate not a decoder while ex\es is an extension of the digital decoding for DTS or DD.
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Dolby Digital EX is a decoding meathod. THX is a minimum quality certification standard (mostly) for volume levels, frequency response etc. and ergonomics.

See and

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I bought a dvd player for home viewing with built in DTS decoder coz im a movie enthusiast, please show me a diagram on how to set up a thx sound system & how many speakers should i have to experience the real digital sound & what is the difference between a DTS-ES & DTS-EX.
Thanks, Dennis(Phil.)

If you are a beginner, I wouldn't worry too much about DTS-ES or Dolby Digital-EX. DTS is a competing surround format company to Dolby and is very often found on the same receivers as Dolby products.

Dolby Digital-EX and DTS-ES add a rear center channel to the typical 5.1 surround setup to make it 6.1. THX-EX is the processing technique to match the new soundtracks. So you would need a 6th regular speaker---which for most people is a waste.

I certainly hope you have a receiver to hook the dvd player to--and a pair of front speakers, a center channel speaker (for over the monitor), a pair of surround speakers, and a self-powered subwoofer. This is the basis for a 5.1 surround system.

Speaker placement depends on how big your room is and where you are sitting. Most people sit opposite the tv on their couch or chair touching the wall.

In an average-sized room that is in the above arrangement, the two front main speakers are placed equidistant from the tv monitor. Often 3 to 5 feet left and right of the tv. The center channel should ideally be placed on top of the tv. The two surrounds should be placed parrallel to the two front speakers, except the speakers grills should be facing each other (or if they are placed somewhat behind the seating area)they should be facing each other but slightly forward. The subwoofer can be placed anywhere along the tv wall where it sounds good. Bass is fairly non-directional, but not totally, which is why many people (when they can afford it) buy a second subwoofer to both remove any residual directionality, to re-inforce the bass (if necessary), and to fill in any "bass sound holes" if any exist from the less than optimum placement of the first subwoofer.

If you have a big room with lots of area behind where you sit you can add a second pair of surrounds and create a 6.1 and 7.1 set-up and thus use your mentioned DTS ES:-)


Check this site out to find out how to set up your surround sound system to get the most out of it.
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