What's the best home cinema receiver for £400ish ?


I'm looking to set up a home cinema system and I have around £400 to spend on a receiver and around £350 to spend on speakers.

I have seen the Marantz 5400 (seen for £350) and the Mission FS1-AV speakers (Seen for £295). But I really don't know if this is a good set up or not.

Have I made a wise selection? Or does anyone know of a far superior set up for the money I have to spend?


Having looked at the specs. for the SR5400 I have to say that I'm quite envious of you. I think that particular receiver at the price you mentioned represents excellent value as I know that some retailers would not hesitate to ask the full price of £450 with it being so new.

As for your choice of speakers I can wholeheartedly recommend Mission speakers for a Marantz receiver as I am also using the same combo of Marantz/Mission and think they match very well. The overall sound is very pleasing with the Marantz being a tad warm and laid back and the Mission's being forward and exciting creating IMO a well balanced sound. Give it a demo if possible. That leaves you with enough money left over to buy decent cables and interconnects.

John Allen

Take a quick look at NAD cult? on this forum.

Find a good dealer and get a demonstration. If you are talking currency in £ then BADA dealers http://www.bada.co.uk are knowledgable, straight and trustworthy in my experience.

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