Which would you buy? Yamaha or Onkyo?


I'm considering buying a system. I have really liked listening to both the Yamaha YHT-740 6.1 and the Onkyo HT-S760 6.1 system. Does anyone have experience with either and can list pros and cons of either system?? Or suggest something better for 800 and lower?

I can suggest a much better alternative. Both of the systems you are looking at are so-called "Home Theater In A Box" (HTIB) systems that leave much to be desired, sound-wise, but they do offer a complete system for a reasonable price, much like the stereos that used to be sold at drug stores. The speakers use very low quality enclosures and very simple crossovers, which leads to nice sound, but not great sound. Likewise, they usually cut corners on the included receivers, usually in the power supplies and the output transistors, which can show up when playing something like "Saving Private Ryan.". However, there are some places that offer great prices for the quality stuff and I found a great one that meets your budget:

Look up One Call (www.onecall.com) which is offering a packaged system of an Onkyo 501 receiver with five Wharfdale speakers (two towers for the fronts, a dedicated center speaker, and two bookshelf surrounds) together with an 8" Phase Tech sub (a marvelous little sub), all for less than $720! The speakers alone are a huge improvement over the HTIB packages, and the Phase Tech sub is larger and has more power for much better sound (not just louder, but better sound). I can guarantee you that this will flat out embarrass the HTIB offerings you have been looking at if you could compare the One Call package head to head with the HTIB choices. Now, this only has five speakers (thus is a 5.1 system, not a 6.1 system like the HTIB), but you really don't need the sixth channel and the sound will be much better. However, since the Onkyo 501 is a 6.1 receiver, you can connect a sixth speaker if you have your heart set on 6.1 sound. I am sure you can get another matching Wharfdale speaker for that center rear channel from One Call, as well.

BTW, I recommend One Call because I have had great service from them, so I can recommend them without reservation. Look up the system on the One Call website and I think you will see how much better the Wharfdale speakers are for the money.

Good luck!

With the YHT-740 you would have a Progressive Scan DVD player, so you would have to pay more that $800 if you do the One Call package.

I already have a Progessive Scan DVD Player, so that is taken care of. I went back to both BB and CC and listened to both systems with one of my DVD's so I could listen to the same section of the movie. The Onkyo won out especially when I turned the volumne up.

Can you give more information on why you like the Onkyo? Were there settings on either one that could have made it better? Thanks for the info.

Well, the guy at CC said it was the best bang for the buck there. I then went over to BB and heard the Yamaha. I did listen to other systems at both places and for the money, the Onkyo sounded the best. If there is another option, I'm open to it.

I would like a decent system for up to 800, I can possilby go more if needed. It's a present to myself after I move into a townhouse I am currently closing on.

Right now I have the DVD and 61 inch TV hooked up to a Sony Mini HiFi system w/o a sub. It only has Dolby Pro Logic. Its a unit that barely gets the job done based on what I have heard at friends houses.

John if I were you I would put together a system piece by piece. Now I am a loyal Yamaha fan but you are comparing the BB Yamaha to the CC Onkyo. That is like comparing apples to oranges I would go to the nearest retailer that carries the RXV line for Yamaha them compare. And remember your ears are the ones you need to listen to. Everybody has their opinions but it is entirely up to you which system you get!!


Thats a great deal you mentioned.
Consider HK AVR125 for $269.88 and the Fluance AV-HTB package for about $253 (incl Shipping)which brings the total to about $523 for the receiver and 5 speakers. Add a sub, say Velodyne VX10 for $149 the total comes to about $672.

I am curious how you would compare this system with the Onkyo/Wharfdale you mentioned. Incidently I bought the Fluance set but with the HK AVR325z receiver and no sub yet.
My buddy bought Fluance and I was quite impressed by the set and hence I decided to go ahead with Fluance. I havent heard of many complaints online about Fluance. However, I did find an old post by you which wasnt very complimentary of Fluance. Do you still hold that view?


Fluance is not a brand that is easy to get a handle on since they are internet sales only. My only experience was a pair of fluance tower speakers that I heard at a friend's house and frankly, I heard a lot of "box coloration." It has been awhile and I have no idea what changes, if any, they have made. So, based upon my limited exprience with the Fluance line, I would not recommend them. However, if you like them, then they are good for you and that is what matters.

I must admit, however, that at the price they are sold, they are very attractive and they are definitely better than most HTIB systems I have heard (usually at BB). I would definitely recommend them over a HTIB system anytime.
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