Elite 45tx or 53tx - which to get?


Simon Richards

I recently sold my Sony STR-DA777es receiver and am now looking at buying a Pioneer Elite in the next few days.

The 45tx gets excellent reviews on this site. I am most interested to know whether I should buy the now discontinued 45tx or the 53tx, and what the reasoning is. I can obtain both for just under $700 each. BTW, I don't need the firewire connection of the 55txi, and would prefer not to spend the extra $$.

Also in the same price range, I am also semi-considering the Yamaha 3300 or even the 2400, but don't know what to make of them from the comments I've seen. I think I'd prefer the Elite from what I've read, but I'm open to opinion from all. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to audition these receivers at the store, or in my theater at home, hence why I am researching and buying - online. I know it's not the best way!

By the way, I have Acoustic Research Stature S50's front, S40's rear and two SC2 center channels. I know they are not the greatest speakers, but they fit my budget at the time. I am not adverse towards replacing my speakers in the future with a complete new brand.

Any insight would be most appreciated!


The main difference in these units is the 45 has a phonoinput while the 53 does not. I am not sure which remote the 53 comes with but the Pioneer website should tell you. The remote with the 43 was pretty mediocre but the one with the 45 and 55 is very nice. I have the 45 and love it and would highly recommend either one especially over a Yamaha.

I just checked the Pioneer sit and the remote with the 53 is the same as the 43. Not terrible but nowhere near as good as the one with the 45 or 55. Hope this helps.

Simon Richards
Elitefan, thanks for your insight. I know that the 53tx has a 9 band parametric eq for the acoustic calibration, while the 45tx has a 5 band. Would there be that much of a difference?

I'm leaning toward the 45tx - is it a 2002 model? However, I don't need a phono input - but a good remote would be nice. One other thing I heard was that with the 45 you could biamp the speakers, while with the 53 you can't. Is that true?

Also, if the 45 and 53 have the same amps, is there a reason why the 45 weighs more than the 53?


As far as I can tell both units have a 7 channel eq funtion. I looked at my manuel for the 45 and thats what it said. This is just a further way to balance your channel levels to your room and I prefer to use my sound level meter for that. As far as weight goes I can't answer but you are right as the 45 weighs 3 lbs more. I had both the 43 and 45 at home and sound was the same but wanted the 45 for the phono input and remote. Love it!

Simon Richards
Thanks again Elitefan.

All the places I tried for the 45tx were out of stock. So, I picked up a new 43tx for $484.00 from hookedontronics.com. It's approx $300 less than I saw the 45 advertised, so if I hated the OEM remote, I could always buy a good universal remote (Home Theater Master MX500? @ $97.00) and still come out with more $$ in my pocket.

I get the receiver on Friday. Will report back with how I like it.

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