Unfair Comparison: Denon 3802 vs other $450 recievers


As I mentioned in another thread, I've been shoping around for a good reciever to go with my new Athena speakers, and trying to hold the price as close as possible to $400.

As part of my shopping I stopped by a local shop and looked over what they have, and there's a floor model / discontinued Denon 3802 sitting in the demo room with a $450 price tag on it.

I feel sorta silly waffling on this at all, last year this thing was $1200 and completely out of my price range, but I know somewhere inside that "expensive" does not necissarily mean "good".

They said that even though it's floor/discontinued that they would still give me a 30 day money back guarantee on it, so I'm going to go pick it up and try it out at home on the Athenas and see how it sounds. Even given that, though, I'd like to know how other people feel about this reciever/speaker pairing, and if there is anything else in my price range ($450 tops!) that would even begin to compare to this reciever.


As long as you get the 2 year warranty that comes with the Denon--go get it. Even though Denon has been out with th --03's for a while, the 3802 still has about everything you need, including Dolby Prologic II.

There certainly is no new receiver of comparable quality that gives you everything that one does at the price.
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