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I just saw the post about Yamaha's replacement of the RX-V730/630/530 with the RX-V740/640/540. Are they planning on updating the RX-V1300 soon? I was planning on getting one, but should I wait?

What are the differences between the RX-V730 and the new RX-V740?

Hi Frank. My name is Dedy and I am working for YAMAHA AV for Asian Region. I may be able to help you with your question.

The diff btwn RXV730 & RXV740 beside the higher power (130wx6)for RXV740 has additional features of DTS-ES Discreate6.1 DTS Neo:6Night listening mode, and video conversion from composite to S-video, to provide high-quality picture from all video componets connected to the receibver for optimal viewing.

Of course the basic features such as Dolby ProLogic11, DD-Ex, Digital ToP-ART, On-screen display and a preset remote control with an LCD display are still available in RXV740.

YES we are going to launch the sucessor for RXV1300 in a few month time. You just have to wait and see :)all I can tell you is it will be top of its class



Is yamaha going to release a successor to the
RX-V3300? Also, do you know if Yamaha has any
plans on going to a variable crossover in its
bass management instead of the fixed 90 Hz.
Or has Yamaha ever thought of changing the
fixed crossover to 80Hz?



As far as I know, RX-V3300 is a very good piece. I would not say a successor of RX-V3300, but there will be a new product comming out sometime this year with some extra output channel.

As for the "bass management", I am sorry I haveno idea. Let me try to check wt my colleague & revert to u


Naveen Srinivas

I have got a Yamaha RXV1300. I noticed that the power intake at the AC inlet is 510 Watts. If that is the case then how can the Amplifer put out 100 Watts per channel to all the 6 channels. Could you please explain how this works out.


Can you tell me where I might find the cheapest price on a Yamaha RX-V740 OR THE 640. I live in St. Louis. THANKS


510 watts is "power consumtion" not wattage output to the speakers.In other more breif words, its the maximum amount that the receiver takes too run.

Hey DW, I was wondering if Yamaha is going to do 7.1 Surround instead of 6.1? And could you guys bring back the Stadium DSP modes? and also can you make a Widescreen 7.1 mode like Denon has. also can you make an enhanced DPLII and enhanced DTS Neo:6 modes. and also have the surround back channels work on all DSP modes including DPL and DPLII?

Daniel Benatar
If you want to wait until Nov-03, a new model of rxv 1400 and rxv 2400 will be in the market with THX certification (not that it metter for sound quality...). I advice to you on the NAD T762 - has clean and natural sound - better then the Yamaha and the Denon!!
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