Need help buying a receiver for a great set of speakers


PLEASE HELP! I am looking to buy a new reciever to accomodate a set of speakers that just purchased. I know a little bit about home audio, but would like to hear other opinions before making a purchase.


Main - Polk RTi150 - $899.99 for each speaker
Center - Polk CSi40 - 479.99
Rear - Polk FXi30 - 224.95 for each speaker

I currently do not own a sub, but I am planning on getting one within the next 2 years. I am looking for a reciever that will maximize the performance of these speakers. I mostly listen to music(85% of the time). I am looking to spend around $1000 ($800-$1200) Thanks for your help.

Eric Ashton

ps. I am currently looking at the Rotel RSX-1055 - any other suggestions?

I would consider the NAD762 or new 763, the Elite vsx45 or new 53 or 55, the Marantz 7300 or new 7400 and the H/K 525 or new 630. All are good match's with Polk and have good power, quality dsps and you can't lose with any of these.

I would agree with EliteFan. The Polk RTi150's are 8 ohm speakers that are quite efficient (91 db's). They are easy to drive and most receiver's in your price range should have no problem with clean and loud reproduction. Much of your choice depends on the features and the remotes you prefer.

I like the NAD's, the H/K's, the Rotel, and the Pioneer Elite 55TXi (particularly if you are going to get a Pioneer Universal DVD player with i-link), or the 53TX if you aren't going to take advantage of firewire.

If you aren't going to get a Pioneer universal DVD player with i-link, I would probably get one of the other receivers. No point in paying for i-link (firewire) if you aren't going to use it connecting to a Pioneer i-link universal dvd player.
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