Has anyone heard of the new HK AVR535?


I'm in Atlanta and was calling around pricing the AVR525 last weekend. One of the people told me that HK has a new version, the AVR535 coming out in May. Supposedly has DBI capability (whatever that is) and more HD inputs. Essentially more compatible with the newer equipment, and supposed to be priced the same as the AVR525. This said, he told me I should be able to find a really great price on the AVR525 with this new model coming out. The best price I see currently is about $650 + shipping on the net. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

I haven't heard of the 535 yet, but I live in nowhere TX. However, I just bought the 525 on ebay for $664 shipping included. The company I bought from has about 12 left.

Hmm ... this post was made several months back. Here it is late August and still no '535." I guess we might see something before the end of the year, though. Meanwhile, the refurbished AVR-525Z receivers for the low $500s seems like a great deal.

I've gotten mine 525 (brand new not refurbished) from OneCall.com for 560 (shipped)...great deal...watch www.gotapex.com for deals from onecall and other places...no this is not advertisement but those guys have saved me lots of $$$ ....
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