Just got HK525 - Need Speakers!!


Just bought this receiver from a friend at a great deal. Need speakers recommendation. Have a crappy sony HTIB, which I'm giving to my son. Need speakers for a 5.1 set-up, for now.
1. What is the least expensive package that I could get and still get the full potential from this receiver?
2. If money is not an issue, what would be the best match for this receiver?
Just want to compare the two extreme.


I would highly recommend a Monitor Audio Silver Series system. I have such a system with a Elite 45tx receiver and it is really great. My room is smallish and has wood floors so I went with the Silver2 for mains, Silver1 for surround and the Silver center. That is $2000 retail. If you have a deader room or more space I would go with the Silver6 [$999pr.] or Silver8 [$1499pr] for the mains and the rest the same. Monitor Audio would be a perfect match for the HK525. They are very clean and detailed and the cabinetry is stunning.

Get a set from Axiom Audio with a VP100 CC, M3ti bookshelves, Qs-4 surrounds and whatever size sub you can get away with. Best affordable speakers ever!

With that receiver, to get the full potential out of the receiver, I recommend the following 5.1 systems which are at the low end (again the cheapest systems that will get the "full potential from" your receiver):

1. JMlabs Sib/Cub: Leave it to the French to give something so good a stupid name, but this system has five matching satellites, which come with fully articulating wall mounts and a powered 8" sub (which is very good). A bit on the bright side, but this is a good thing with the Harman/Kardon, which has a very warm, mellow sound (the last thing you want to do is get warm mellow speakers with a warm, mellow receiver--it will sound lifeless). The Sib/Cub is also expandable (you can get additional sattelights for $175 ea.). The Sib/Cub has an MSRP of $1198, but you can find them with small discounts, maybe 10%. Highly recommended as this combo is great.

2. Aperion Audio Intimus system. Available only on line through Aperion Audio (www.aperionaudio.com), this also has five matching satellites and you can choose the size of your sub. Satellites are wall mountable, come in two different finishes (gloss black or cherry). Prices start about $1299 with the 8" sub. Aperions are also a bit on the bright side, so they are a good match with your receiver.

As for "price is no object" I would strongly recommend Magnepans (MG12 mains, CC3 center and MGMC1 surrounds), which would run about $3K plus a Hsu VTF-3 subwoofer (~$899), for about $4k total. You can spend a lot more, but if you heard the Magnepans, you would wonder why.

Thanks for your advice. I've heard JMlabs before, but they were big and expensice, not the satelites that you mentioned.
I've heard other people using NHT and Mirage speakers with the HK525. How does these match with this receiver?

I'm looking to make a decision on speakers for muy HK525 within a week. Any additional inputs? Would like to know more about the NHT and Mirage that I asked before, since I can probably work out a good deal on these with a local dealer.

Thanks to all

NHT is a very good speaker line and I suspect you will be very happy with it.

Which Mirage speakers are you thinking of getting because I think the FR-x line and the Omnis have very different sounds.

I was looking at the Mirage FR-x line. Would they match with the HK525? Although, I like the NHT sound better.


The FRx-3 are a bit on the reserved side compared to the Omnis, but they are a very good value. Should match pretty well with the H/K.

Since you have a local dealer with both Mirage and NHT, I suggest that you audition both and determine which one you like better with the H/K 525. This is a major decision, they are priced about the same, but you need to decide which one you like better. Take in some good CDs that you like to listen to a lot and play'em at the dealer through the H/K and switch between the two speaker sets. Remember, my choice may not be the same as yours, but the key is to find what works best for you. Once you make the decision, well, that is when the real fun begins!


Klipsch speakers go well with HK receivers. I have heard the new Klipsch RB25's with the HK 325 reciever and they are a nice match. There are many posts on e-coustics that endorse the HK/Klipsch combo. Also, Paradigm Mini Monitors sound very good with the HK as well. Just be careful. Although the HK's have a warm midrange, my ears find the HK's very bright. I would definitely look for a "warm" speaker or one with a very good tweeter. I cannot explain why they sound so good with Klipsch, when many find the Klipsch to be bright as well, but somehow it just works.
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