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Hey, sunking or hawk or anybody in the know I need your opinions... I am contemplating getting the nad c160/270 combo but wonder if the c272 with it's removeable(and replaceable) powercord would be better not only because its a new model but with the addition of a better powercord... Now let me preface this with the admission that I did some wiring on process and control systems a while back and know the load an 18 awg captive powercord can handle, 7 amps max.... I feel the c270 will not pull in excess of 7 amps so I should be safe... Is the powercord idea just smoke and mirrors??? I think the 270 and 272 will be close enough that the difference will be slight... I know the c160 and c162 are internally the same so it makes little sense to drop an xtra $130 for a new face plate and remote... What do you guys think, I hold your opinions in high regard.. My next upgrade (from a denon dra-685) will have to last awhile so what do you cats think???

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Hi there, powercords just like interconnects and speaker wire are a personal thing. I've yet to try replacement powercords to be honest so I can't comment whether they improve the sound or not but I can say that Nad have only introduced the removable cords on their new range just to please the consumers - not because the old cords were rubbish. Nad want to sell amps and to do that they need to produce amps that sound good from the box, so selling amps with poor quality mains leads wouldn't be a good move if it seriously affected the sound. I THINK it's a load of BS myself but I'm sure there are others out there who swear this lead and that lead wipe the floor with standard ones etc. At least Nad now give you the choice and they don't lose out on a sale just because some audiophile chooses another brand that doesn't have a captive cord. As for the difference between the Nads, I do think the pre-amp has been improved but both power amps are first class. I think you'd be MORE than happy with either pairing, the new or the old. Test them out. The older pairing is terrific value for money now though.
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