CDP Upgrade and System Questions


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Hi all, I was on here about a year ago and got some great advice in the amp forum. I only remember Nuck but thanks all!

Based on that advice and the Denver Audio show last year, I ended up with a Manley Stingray and Dali Royal Tower speakers. To this point my source has been my old Yamaho CDC-905 cd player/changer($150 in '98)

At first I had no time has gone by I find myself listening to my system less and less which is bumming me out. When I do listen its normally very short...I just get tired of it quickly....fatigue I guess is the word.

It still impresses me with vocal music and accoustic stuff (im a rock/metal guy) but when the power chords kick just doesnt have IT...if you know what I mean.

Simply put it turns muddy with metal and rock. Also OVERALL I hear a lack of midrange clarity and the overall sound stage is to extended towards the trebly high range, which seems strange for the warm Stingray and equally warm Dalis(based on all ive read).

Another complaint is the typical rock guitar punch that you get from say..the scorpions or metallica ....seems to take a backseat. It's there to a point....but just very reserved, muted.

Ive debated its my speakers (I auditioned the IKONS the same day and I have NEVER heard the Scorpions Blackout album so punchy and alive, but they were too boomy and the highs were piercing so I chose the Royals)

Since my CDP is obviously the weak link im wondering about it(I keep hearing about the Apollo, the dealer recommends it highly as well) But honestly im questioning everything...which REALLY bums me out.

So I would like to get some opinions if the shortcomings I hear are from my CDP or if I made a bad speaker or amp choice for my type of music....or all three...:-)

(as a side note...I have set up this system in many rooms and yes there is a difference but what I describe above is consistent no matter the room, the cd, the time of day etc etc)

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You have a number of issues with your system. Yes your source is the weak link relative to components but I have heard many complaints of listener fatigue with the Manley gear as well. One of those complaints comes from a trusted friend who is also a dealer.

Have you considered room treatment? Alot of variables could be at play Tyler. Folks here will likely need to know what if anything you've tried to ameliorate your problem.

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ameliorate is a a word that is under used, I think.
According to Webster, I am drunk, but listening to a very good setup at a friends place.
Ty, your source needs attention, but I can't get a grip on your kit from here.

The Manley is a gutsy unit, but metal is just so demanding that the hard rock guys have to move to faster ss units for speed alone.
The Ray plays Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins like mad, but....but.

Maybe have a look at a Rotel cdp1072, mine is the choice for fast rock.
It plays sharp and square, no rolloff(which makes some folks say it it bright, it ain't), very accurate.
YMMV, this could be a disaster, but it is free for me.
I rec parts that I own and know.

The last dream theatre album is a blast.

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Thanks guys, lots to think about.

I have tried room positioning, but treatments as in specific materials etc no. As I dynamics do make a difference....its audible in the presentation and the fatigue factor to a point...BUT the shortcomings dont change...they just are. Stick my ear to the mid range driver...and there it is (or there it isnt I should say).

Nuck, I remember you mentioned the Rotel last year, I heard it briefly in Denver, but far from a serious listen.

Interesting you mention word that comes to mind more often with my system is sluggish...particularly with metal.

Also interesting you mention Johnny Cash...reserved mids and all just beautiful. Don Williams also...the man is in the room with me. Amazing.

Would you call me crazy to say a CDP upgrade will affect clarity...but probably not going to affect speed and the boogie factor? What about the midrange punch? For now if I could get the mids more punchy and tame the extended highs I could probably live with the sluggishness for awhile.

Ive come across some would you rate them as compared to the Rotel?

Have not had the pleasure of the latest Dream Theatre... Blind Guardian is my current feast.....but my $400 M-Audio BX5 monitors via an M-Audio Firewire Solo go where the Manley and Dalis dont. Considering my expectations....quite the bummer. SS it just may be.
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