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I am contemplating replacing my CDP in which I have two; a Marantz CD-48 and a Pioneer DV-46 universal. Both sound pretty decent but from reading these forums, they are not considered hi-fi grade. And since I recently upgrade my receiver to a Cambridge A540 V2 and upgraded my speakers to a pair of Rega R5s, it would now seem that my weak link in the digital source.

So the question is, does it make more sense to match the CDP with the receiver such as a Cambridge A640C or match it with the speakers such as the Rega Apollo.

I realize the price of the Rega I higher so that also factors into the decision process. That said, I haven't ruled out NAD C542 (because of price) unless it would not be a jump up from my current players.

Thanks, Jim

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If you can swing it the Apollo will be your best bet...hope you enjoy your R5's as much as I do mine!

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jg - "So the question is, does it make more sense to match the CDP with the receiver such as a Cambridge A640C or match it with the speakers such as the Rega Apollo."

You didn't match the speakers to the amp? Or the amp to the speakers? How did you pick each piece if you didn't have an idea what sound you wanted to end up with?

The idea is "systen synergy", jg. Each component is a piece of the system and the system, as a whole, is at its best when all pieces are aiming at the same goal. First, you must decide what that goal is, then you find components which amplify the other component's attempts to reach for that ring. Mixing personalities works no better here than at Thanksgiving dinner.

Assembling a system of components where each independently received good marks from various opinion makers will result in decent sound. Assembling a system of components where each has been chosen with an overreaching group of priorities meant to achieve a single musical goal will result in a lower priced system that beats the chosen-from-a-review collection of pieces by a far bit.

The Apollo gets consistently high marks on this forum. There are also quite a few members who own the Apollo, so it is natural for them to recommend the products they prefer to own. But the Apollo, as good as it is, is not a one size fits all player. Like all budget components it has its own set of virtues and faults.

Any ideas what your present system does well? What it does poorly? What you'd like to change and what you'd like the gain? With that information we have a better chance of recommending a player to suit your needs.


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Well said Jan V

JG, you need to look at the current system and see what you like or where you wanna be.
If i go the Apollo way in your situation i shall try to dump the 540 sooner or later and get a Brio to account better for system energy.

The answer probably lies with what are you wanting it to sound like and then the suggestions might be precise.

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Jan, Saurabh

I came by the A540 sort of accidentally when I was looking to replace my HT receiver and found the Cambridge on ebay for a very good price. When I heard, I liked it so much, I decided to use it strictly for 2 channel music. That led me to upgrading the speakers where a visited a handfull of local retailers to get a first hand audition. I listened to Polk LSI15, Quad 12L (I think), a few Totems, AAD, Mark and Daniels, Vienna, Cain & Cain. I'm new to all of this so I don't have enough experience to characterize the components with terms like sound stage, imaging, etc so I let my ears be the judge and bought the R5s which I felt had a very rich sound.

Anyway, thats the background. I read elsewhere on this forum "source first" but I don't have that luxury but still agree that the source is vital.

Oh, by the way, I heard the Rotel 1072 this afternoon and it sounded very good It too is in the price range so it might be a contender.


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As I stated...if you can swing it the Apollo is your best bet...I said that the first time with your system in mind just like I did this time. Second choice probably the Cambridge. Audition them first if you can...ideally at home.

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There's not too many places where the Apollo won't fit in and play nicely with it's friends, not unless their overly forward. It pays to pick you friends well though.

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JG, if you liked the richness of the Cambridge enough to make it your stereo, and found the R5's to be in line with the Azur, then I suggest you have a listen to the Cambridge players.
Synergy is where you find it, and the Cabridge setup may work very well together.

But...try it in your own listening place, in your chair.

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i have the cambridge AZUR 540A(v1)matched with the cambridge 640C(v2)through PSB B25 monitors.
the synergy is apparent and i have no issues with the system.
my TT pro-ject debut lll with newly installed ortofon OM 10(i will eventually upgrade to the 20)
also works well.
i don't think one can get a better "budget" system.(around $2000-2500)
i also use audioquest interconnects and powercord.

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there ya go, Jim.
System synergy is great, and I suggest you see about the Cambridge cdp.

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You used the word "rich" to describe what you liked about the Rega's. Perhaps you should consider some cdp's that have that slight tendency. You wouldn't want to overdo it, and as stated here the only way to know for sure is to listen in your own setup. I've recently heard the Eastern Electric Minimax player and on the setup I heard it on it sounded marvelous. A little less clinical than some other players....more warmth...if that's your thing.

I'm also in upgrade mode for my system (cdp and amp) and have auditioned the Apollo at home. I found it very articulate & precise, but it wasn't what I was looking for. I'm going to try to get the Minimax home and see how that sounds with my setup.

There are many others to consider if you can get your hands on them. Have fun with it.
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