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Okay I posted earlier about three weeks ago about my new HK 525 overheating and I want to thank everyone that posted with their ideas.
But here's the problem:
I have one week left to return the receiver if it has problems, and man it has problems!
I removed the reciever fron the entertainment center for the sake of ventilation, put it on top of my entertainment cenetr and I returned tonight to find it shut itself off due to what I assume is overheating.
I was running the signal from my television on a
-25db setting and it shut itself off. It was sitting with complete circulation in a house set to 72 degrees and it failed.
I've set it up as HK suggested with 14 guage wiring and still it fails. It was operating in the logic 7 mode and it failed!
What does it take to find a receiver that works?
I swear to god I'm tired of this, I re-wired this thing three times to get it right and still it fails.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What receiver will do the job?
I would appreciate any input.
I could go as high as $1200 for a receiver if it could do the job, any suggestions?
I'm running out of time.
Thanks, Rocks

If you bought it from a brick and mortar shop, I would definately return it for a full refund.

If you bought it online, then you have some options. Bring it in to an authorized repair center and have them fix the problem. Return it and pay the shipping charges and be done with HK and the place you bought it from.

I read you post weeks back. Why'd you wait soo long? The receiver isn't gonna fix itself.

I appreciate the feedback.
I bought it through J&R music online. They have a 30 day money back guarantee and I wanted to be sure that I had tried everything to resolve the problem.
I rewired it and that helped but it did not end the problem. So I took it out of the cabinet to see if better ventilation would help.
It only seems to overheat when watching T.V. actually I use the VCR tuner, but anyway I was thinking that maybe the signal strength from my antenna is not sufficient. Yes I'm one of those rare people that actually does not have cable. Not much into T.V but the wife is. I'm into movies and the receiver does fine with that. I like the receiver but obviously not enough to keep it if it's faulty, but I do want to be sure it's not something at my end that is causing the problem.
I've been through every brand name going, well the better known ones ie. Pioneer, Sony, Onkyo, etc. and they all seem to have this problem. Receivers are just asked to do too much these days and their failure rate is astronomical.
Is there a receiver out there that is more reliable?

Send it back! Call J & R and get an RMA number and return it.

What speakers are you running with it? Are they 4 ohm speakers (which would explain why it shuts down)? Even if they aren't, it sounds like a speaker impedence matching problem (an "8 ohm" speaker is not a consistant 8 ohms across the entire audio spectrum--it will have dips down to 4 ohms or below depending upon frequency). If that is the case, you really only have two options for a new receiver (without going to separates): NAD or Rotel.

Rotel is a superb receiver and I don't think you would have any trouble with it. I love them but they will cost twice what you paid for the H/K from J & R. Try an NAD 752, which can be had for about $699 (MSRP is $899) from Saturday Audio Exchange (, YAWA, DMC Electronics, or Kiefs ( Both the Rotel and the NAD are superb sounding receivers, as well.

Good luck.

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i've been running the HK325 to power my 4 ohm speakers for about a month now with no problems.i push this thing hard (-15dbs)for hours at a time,it gets hot but has yet to go into protect mode.HK rep said it would have no problems running 4 ohm speakers as long as they didnt drop much below the 4.

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HK's power supply is suspect. I always said this but got nothing but flack from the HK shills. I would return it and get a Marantz or NAD or Pioneer Elite.
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