Help on Denon 1803 and Pioneer DV355


I dont know if this is a problem but some DVD has animated menus and soundtrack in it like Saving private ryan and Spiderman and during in the menu mode my Denon 1803 is in DPL 2 mode now whenever i enter to the scene selections and choose a particular scene specially a noisy scene like in spiderman in a scene where spiderman is in a cage match wrestling whenever i enter in that scene there is a very quick sound that comes out to the speaker before my AVR changes mode from DPL2 to Dolby Digital..though the sound is very quick its like before DPL2 switches to Dolby Digital the sound escapes from DPL2 mode.

Is this a problem? or is it normal to emit a very quick sound when DPL2 changes to only happens on scene selections when there is Audio on scene in which the AVR switches to DPL2 when it detects an audio in scene selections menu.

Is it my player or my AVR.

Pls help


I haven't had this problem (I have a 1801 and an 1803). I listen to everything in Dolby Digital when its available. I have Saving Private Ryan and tried some scene changes as you described. Both have no problem.

I have a feeling your receiver is switching back and forth between digital and analog. I have a computer connected to the 1803 and if I have the sound card setup to produce digital and analog I can make the receiver chirp as it switches from analog to digital if I am watching TV and press the wrong key on the keyboard to produce a "DING".

I would simply listen to everything in pure Dolby Digital. Dolby Pro-Logic II is best for creating 5.1 from Stereo and Surround encoded material.

Hope this helps

I own the denon 1803 and have not experienced the problem mentioned. Maybe you got a faulty piece. Try getting another piece from your retailer and see if you have the same problem.
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