Anyone a new owner of the Yamaha RX-V1300?


After doing much researching, surfing, and in-store listening, I think this is the beast for me. I would like to get some first-hand reviews from any of you new owners out there. Good Guys wants $799 for this receiver, but I can nab it in cyberspace for the low $500's. Thanks!

I just bought one for $528. Its great except I need some better setup guides. I have a Bose 5 III series speaker system. Looks like I the subwoofer wont catch the .1 of the 5.1 sound since there is no SUBwoofer rca plug into the bose acousticmass, i have to run the just the regular main speaker setup. But I need more bass!! Any ideas from anyone?? Thanks. Bill.

Bill, I have an older Bose Acoustimass system and I ran the sub cable from the receiver to the subwoofer. You may need a splitter, but that should get you the bass you're looking for.


I have a Bose AM -7 (left/right/center) plus a passive bass module and originally I had bought the Yamaha RX-V1300. After hearing it through the bose speakers, it sounded decent but this was at max bass.
The Yamaha sounded a little too bright when matched with my speakers...maybe you are hearing the same thing? I went with the Onkyo TX-SR700 and the difference is apparent but not drastic. I now have a warmer sound from the receiver/speaker combo.
What I would recommend for more bass...maybe get another powered subwoofer and connect it to the LFE out? I have not tried this and do not know how the sound will be but its worth a shot. Besides if you don't like the sound you can always return the sub.

Phil Krewer
Hey Chris,

I think that the RX-V1300 is a great choice. Lots of sound formats and plenty of power. The only drawback is the bass management. Basically there is none. But from the 5490 I owened, I think you'll be very happy

i had problem with my rxv1300; when playing movie on dts mode, once in a while the sound just stop for about 0.5 sec (maybe less) but it still annoying. anyone can help ? FYI, i've got JBL SCS 178 Simply Cinema hooked up with the RXV1300. Thank you in advance

Phil Krewer

I'm not sure what the JBL SCS simply cinema is. Could you tell me about it.

Phil, JBL SCS is a 5.1 speaker set (4 satellite, 1 center, 1 woofer)
satellite info: Frequency Response (-6db):90Hz - 22kHz; Sensitivity (2,83 V @ 1m):86dB; Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms.
Center info: Frequency Response (-6db):100Hz - 22kHz; Sensitivity (2,83 V @ 1m):88dB; Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms

Phil Krewer

I doubt its your speakers. What kind of DVD player are you using. And does the picture freeze at the same time.

phil, I am using Aiwa DVD. About the freezing picture, I didn't notice, but will check tonight.
When you're saying that my speaker is the problem, does it mean that the receiver has too much power for the speaker to handle ?
Basically I like this receiver a lot, apart from the constant "cut-off" the sound is amazing, its so clear and I am only using 20% of the volume control(-45Db) but that's enough for me to get complaint from neighbors

Phil Krewer

Sorry I meant I don't think your speakers are the problem. The reason I ask about the picture freezing is that a lot of DVDs today are double layered and sometime you'll get a pause. It's possible that's whats happening.


Phil, problem solved. It appears to be a heating problem. I put my receiver with only 2 cm gap between the top cover. When the unit gets hot, the unit shuts by itself to prevent greater damage. As a solution I put a redundant fan on the side of the unit and guess what ? the freezing sound problem gone. Phil, thank you anyway for your help. Now can enjoy without hassle, its really good! highly recommended

Phil Krewer

Great, I have no doubt that you love this receiver. I had a 5490 (RX-v1200) and thought it was great and the 1300 has a lot of improvements. In its price range very hard to beat.


Bill Duncan
Hi there, I'm looking very seriously at the rxv 1300 as an upgrade to my existing reciever, rxv 592, but I'm a little concerned about the no base management system comment. I have a pair of Mirage om9's as the front channels, an omc-3 as the center, a couple of small frx's as the rears and a bps-150 sub(plus another 8 inch frx mirage sub). I'm sold on the Yamaha sound and can get this receiver for $950.00 (Canadian)taxes in which is a good price. Your thoughts and advice would be appreciated .

I have had a RX-V1300 for 3 months now and more then happy with how it performs. I used to be 60-40 movies-music but am now 30-70 movies-music. Most of it is in 2 channel redbook-sacd and dvda.
It has a fixed crossover at maybe 100hz is I recall. You can setup the speakers at there different sizes large vs small and also with a sub you can either have it off or on on all settings. It is a beast when it comes to weight and size but that is needed to support it features.
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