Onyko TX600 Turns Off Speaker Bank A


I have a Onyko TX600 Receiver,Onyko DV-CP500 DVD,Sony 36" Wega TV, Samsung SIR-70 DolbyD Sat Recvr, Bose Speakers (Front - AM-5 Front,Center Front & Rear - VCS10 and Surround - "New Edition" 301's.

Now the problem. At random times when sending remote commands to the Samsung Sat Recvr the Onkyo 600 will turn off speaker bank A and turn on Speaker bank B or just turn off speaker bank A. This happens regardless if I'm using the Samsung remote or my Sony Universal or even the Onkyo 600 remote programmed with Samsung Sat commands.

All comments and assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like the commands are the same or very similar.

Unfortunatly, I do not have a solution. You may have to contact Onkyo or Samsung. I know JVC has alternate commands for thier VCRs called "B" commands that allow one remote to control two VCRs independantly. Maybe Onkyo or Samsung have the same.

I predict a lot of finger pointing though.
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