Denon AVR-4803 vs. Sony DA7es (PLEASE HELP!)


Does anyone have any feedback on which receiver is better? I can get either of these for virtually the same price and have been going back and forth between the two.

I have all Sony components and JBL Studio Series Speakers with a Kenwood Sub.

I am desiding between a Denon avr 4802 (aprox cost $1750 new) and a yamaha rxz1 surround reciever (aprox cost new $1950). I will have M&K 150 THX speaker system (retail price $5400).The surronds are tripole/dipoles. My home theater will be in my finished basement of my ranch. The direct listening area will be 22 feet long by 10 feet wide and 7 foot drop ceiling.

I have 2 questions if someone can give me good advise. The 1st is which is better sounding, the denon or the yamaha. im looking for a rich,full,acurate sound. My second question: is 10 feet enough to have the speakers(fronts and backs)seperated since the listening area will be a couch or 3 chairs (aprox. 8 feet)between the speakers. Remember, the room is 22 feet long and just 10 feet wide. I will be sitting about 15 feet away from fronts when watching my 35 inch tv........thanks Dave

The M&K rule of thumb is equidistant triangle between L/R and listener.

I have my front soundstage setup as the listener being 1.5x the distance between the L/R fronts as is also recommended by others (which are about 10 feet apart +/-).

I love the 1.5x for imaging and separation on both music and movies. So, given that you're width is only 10 feet, you have between 10 and 15 feet to comfortably work within for your couch. considering that your length is 22 feet that gives a nice flexible distance for rear placement.

Sounds to me like you're going to have close to an optimal space!

As far as the Denon versus Yamaha choice, they are both excellent units. The closest poster here I can think of who might be able to speak to these two units is Phil Krewer who traded up his 3803 for a RXv1. In his review/comparison he felt as if the Yamaha sonically had it all over the Denon, but that he missed some of the features of the Denon.

Might want to post specifically to him with his name is the subject field.


Phil Krewer

No one can tell you which of these units sound better. You have to decide that for yourself. What your ear like and how each sounds with your speakers and in your room. Like H1 said, I traded a 3803 for a RX-V1. IMHO the V1 was sonically better than the 3803 in every respect and despite the better processing of the 3803 after having the V1 in my system I could never go back to the 3803. My understanding is that the V1 and Z1 are very similar sonically.

But, I have only listened to the 4802 at Tweeters and never on your speakers so I can't really give you my opinion on the sound of the 4802. The 4802 is THX certified and a 7.1 receiver, while the Z1 is a 6.1 receiver or a 8.1 I guess if you use the front effects. The 4802 has base management while the Z1 has none.

The other thing that I would think about is where you are buying the units from. The prices that you quote imply to me that they would be unautorized retailers and neither Denon nor Yamaha will accept the warranty.

My best advice is to find a retailer in your area that carries these two units with a good return policy and take each one home and try it out for a month and then decide.

Personally, I plan on keeping the V1 for a while. I have a year trade up and I'm hoping that by that time there will be a successor to the Z1 or the 4802 and the price will drop on these units. If that happens I may trade up for one of them, but my sense is that I'll be happier with the Z1.

Good luck,


Phil Krewer, I recently bought the Z1. I'm quite pleased with it, though I've had thoughts of upgrading to the 5803 or the 4803. My Z1 has been great, however, I have noticed a slight imbalance in the channels (l/r) in stereo mode not associated with my speakers or setup.

I also just wanted to warn you, if you bought your V1 thru tweeters and plan on upgrading in a years time (tweeters upgrade policy), you'll be quite dissapointed...
Tweeters has a little EXCEPTION on there upgrade policy - recievers can only be upgraded within 4 months of original purchase, and must be 50% of the original cost or more.

Just a little note in case you are still within the 4 month window!


Phil Krewer

Thanks for the info, but I was able to get a year out of the upgrade. The reciept is signed by the manager. So I have until 2/04 and I know that it has to be 50% increase, which shouldn't be hard since I only paid $920 for the V1, which hasn't given me any problems.



Ahh, thats pretty interesting! How did you manage to get that hook up?
I was told when I bought my 2300 that I had a year to upgrade, but fortunatly, I decided to upgrade 3 days short of the four month deadline. Upon which time i was informed of the four month limit.
Did you get the free yamaha recall update done to the V1?



Phil Krewer
The salesman told me the same thing and when I got home I looked at the receipt and noticed the 4 month thing and went back to the store a talked it over with the manager who gave me the year. Yes the V1 has been fixed and doesn't have the problem with center channel dropout if that's what you're referring to.



Well, thats good to hear you have it all squared away!
Have you heard of any similar problems with the Z1 this year?



Phil Krewer
No, I haven't heard any problems with the Z1. I'm still waiting for the price to drop.


Speaking of the Z1, do you think its a good idea to jumper the pre-out/main-in for any reason, such as better sound, more power, etc...?


Phil Krewer
Are you having problems with your Z1


No problems per say. But I did return one that had slightly higher volume level in the right channel. The new one is even.

I was just wondering if it was better to externally jump the main in / pre out for a better more stable connection?!

My old Pioneer came with jumpers just for that reason.


Can some one give me an idea between Yamaha rxv 3300 and Denon avr 4802 which unit is better?

Sunday, April 13, 2003 - 05:36 pm

A friend of mine is saying that

Paradigm Monitor 90P's,
centre Paradigm CC370,
surround/rear Paradigm ADP 370's.....

hooked up to a Denon 2803 (has something called a hammerhead????) is
a superb sound system for both music and home theatre?

Any comments on these goods. I understand that both are very good
products and put higher $$$ stuff to shame?

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