Damsell in Distress!!!


Diana Dummy
I have this fancy-a** high-priced Sony receiver that my ex-husband got me. HE was the audiophile, not me. All I want is to be able to listen to the radio. I don't have the owner's manual anymore and there are so many bells and whistles on this thing I've become frustrated and punched all the buttons multiple times just to see if ANY kind of sound would come out...nothing. It is a STR-DE475 FM Stereo/FM-AM Receiver with Dolby Digital/DTS 80Wx5 with a Digital Audio/Video Control Center with 24-Bit Digital Cinema Sound Processing. I have stereo wire from my speakers to the back of the unit where it says "Normal Sound - Left and Right Speakers" (not the same area as the Surround Sound). So I'm sure I have the wires connected right. It's just the receiver that is too complicated for me to figure out how to get a radio station to come through. Someone STOP me before I throw it through the bedroom window!!

Hi Diana
First thing check if you have A & B main speaker
connection on the back of the Sony, if you do note witch one is connected a or b then on the front of the sony there should be a switch for
a or b speakers make sure they are the same.
I take it that you don't have noise of some kind comming out of your speakers? do you have a antanna connected to the fm connection on the back it is just like the cable connection on your TV. If all of these things are right and you select tunner on your input eather remote or on the sony it's self you should be abel to hear your radio. Hope this helps.

Diana Dummy
Thanks for writing! I'm on my way to work, but I'll check the back of the receiver when I get back home for the A & B speaker thing. No, there is no noise whatsoever coming from the speakers. Also, I don't have any kind of antenna hooked up to it. I'll write again later. Thanks again!

Also check to make sure the Tape Monitor light is OFF. Try selecting the tape deck. A light or the words "Tape Mon Off" should scroll across the display.

...and you definately will need the antenna connected. Most receivers completely mute without one. You will never hear any hissing. Sony sells the owners manual here http://servicesales.sel.sony.com/web/productSearch.do but it looks like it is out of stock.

Hope this helps.
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