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I posted this in the Home Theatre system to get feedback on the speakers that come with the HTS. Maybe y'all can give me feedback on the receiver?:

I got a great deal on the SR600, but I wasn't looking to spend this much on a HT system. Basically, in order to stay within my budget I'd have to get all speakers (I'm ok with only doing 5.1 at this point, so I'd have to buy 5 speakers) and the subwoofer for less than $200. So is it better for me to just sell the SR600 for $100 profit and invest that in the HTS 650, or should I buy the HTS 650, sell the receiver that comes with it, and use the speakers from that system with my SR600?

Are the speakers that come with the HTS 650 worth it? I feel like that's one good way to get all the speakers for $200 after I sell the SR500 receiver that comes with the HTS 650. Is the SR600 much better than the SR500? I know it has EX/ES, but other than that, is it significantly better, and worth keeping? I do like the Night Mode, which I don't think the SR500 has.

Basically my options:
SR600 with HTS 650 speakers: $500
HTS 650 after selling SR600: $340

Thanks for the advice,

OK, not much response yet, so I guess I'll add what I've learned via Cnet's reviews. The SR600 is their favorite receiver, beating out the Denon 3802. They also did a review of the HT500 speakers, which come with the HTS650. They loved them. They also said that the SR500 was good, but the SR600 was worth the money to upgrade: "A brief shoot-out with the next model up in the line, the TX-SR600, proved the superiority of the more expensive receiver. The difference in rated power is a mere 15 watts per channel, but the TX-SR600 put more low-end oomph through our Dynaudio Contour speakers. Relative to the TX-SR600, the TX-SR500 definitely scaled back the action on The Thin Red Line DVD. If your room is large and/or you like to play your CDs and DVDs at fairly high levels, spend the extra money and buy the $500 (list price) TX-SR600. That said, the TX-SR500 carries a suggested retail price of just $320, so we consider it an absolute deal. It's perfectly suited to compact systems in small to midsized rooms."

I've got a small room, but I figure being able to hold onto it for a while, in case I move to a bigger house, is worth it. And they seem to like the speakers that come with the HT-S650, so I might go with that. Anybody have any more input?

Tslugmo, you bring up some good points on the merits of the SR600, however I'm not quite sure it is fair to say that the SR600 "beat out" the Denon 3802. Compairing the two is like compairing apples and oranges. That being said, they both received a rating of 8 and Cnet even described the 3802 as "warmer and rich" when in comparisson to the SR600. I would agree that on a "sound-quality-per-dollar" basis your SR600 @ $300 is a much better deal, but in a direct shoot-out I'm afraid the 3802 would walk all over the SR600. Cnet even described the #4 ranked TX-DS797 as "better and more powerful." I think it's safe to say the only reason it "beat out" these two receivers was not based on performance, but because of its value. If you need further proof of the better receiver, just look at the user recommendations and you'll see that the 3802 is 94% recommended while the SR600 has a measily 91% rating. 'Nough said!

After saying all that, I'd say stick with the SR600, it sounds like a VERY nice receiver, especialy at the price you paid! I just wonder if that is too nice of a receiver for the speakers you are looking at... like a system is only as good as its weekest link? Maybe someone can help you decide before you start getting too addicted... Do Not Seek The Treasure!


Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, some of us are democrats who have to go to work at least a few times a year and actually donate some of our income to "welfare moms" instead of directing all of our resources at finding the ultimate Home Theatre system. The SR600 most definitely beat out the Denon 3802, because it's the only one that the Editors chose. Hence the Editor's Choice Award.

In fact, your highly touted 94% is actually not as great as you think it is. You obviously have little experience with statistics, as you neglected to look at the sample size. Your air of superiority leads me to believe you must be an engineer or some other occupation that thinks they are better than others because what they do is "geeky." You had 4 negative comments on your lousy Denon, while the SR600 garnered only 2. Because there were so few reviews of the SR600 (undoubtedly because the receiver is so superb that users are entranced by it, unable to pull themselves away like those ignorant Denon owners), the few negative comments have a larger effect on the overall percentages.

Unfortunately, Bush's brilliant budget-surplus tax-rebate initiative didn't give me enough money to do so, but if it's only about which system is "better and more powerful," I think I could probably find one that met those criteria when compared to your 3802. For now I'll enjoy my sweet apple and you can keep reassuring yourself that the performance of your sour orange Denon was worth more than feeding the needy during this holiday season.

Thanks for your input, I'm keeping the receiver, as the deal was too good to pass up. I might have to settle on the speakers and start saving for upgrades down the road, but such is life during the current unprecedented economic depression (thanks G. Dub). Unfortunately, despite what you've demonstrated, I get the feeling that spelling is not your "weekest" link.


You can buy the same speaker package, Onkyo SKS-HT500, that come with the HT-S650. I know the package is available at Circuit City through the weekend for only $269.99. Check out cnet's review on the speakers, http://electronics.cnet.com/electronics/0-6342413-1304-20455132.html?tag=pdtl-list

I just bought the TX-SR600 Receiver and the SKS-HT500 speakers yesterday and am really anticipating getting them hooked up!


It sounds as if you have already made a choice.

However, I would recommend you visit your local multimedia store, if you have not already, and take a listen to all possibilities. Including piecing together a speaker arrangement yourself. Often I find myself listening to the BOSE AM, JBL, Harmon, Onkyo etc. when visiting a Best Buy or the like. From experience the Onkyo seems to have the power I desire but it lacks the full sound effect.

I would stick with your receiver, but would use an alternative speaker... I have seen the 650 blow speakers, and would recommend understanding the Ohm and wattage capabilities of the speakers from an RMS perspective.

Wahouh I am not used to this kind of "direct" speaking.

I am also interested by an Onkyo TX-SR 600 (unfortunatly at a much higher european price...) I would compare it to :

HK 3550, Marantz 5200 N and Yamaha RXV-730 RDS (because they are all around 550 Euros in Europe).

Any good reason to prefer one among this choice ?

TIA for your answer

Travis, how did the TX-SR600 Receiver and the SKS-HT500 speakers work out for you?

I am considering the same setup. Did you get another speaker for the 6th channel?

A question for anyone...I have read that the 6th channel isn't analog. I'm new to this, so could someone please explain how this affects things and why 5.1 would be but not the last one?(other then it was cheaper)

Thanks for your help.

Rob G
Well i'm a little weird, because I actually don't like subwoofers at all. give me a good solid loudspeaker any day of the week. right now i'm running some piece of crap radio shack $100 each speakers, and i swear they easily keep up with any subwoofer out there. plus, you get individual bass from each speaker.

but that's beside the point. i got the hts 650 a while back, and i was rather disappointed. there just wasn't any oomph to the sound. pretty weak. i know onkyo makes a solid receiver, so i can only assume it was the speakers. plus, the center channel just sounded like crap. i should also mention that i'm fairly particular about center channels--i actually want to hear the voices without it sounding like they're talking into a barrel (weird, huh?). so anyway, if you're not too particular, and don't mind cranking up the sub, i guess the speakers on the hts 650 would be good.

p.s. i took the hts 650 back within a week.
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