Onkyo TX-SR700


I've seen a bunch of threads on the Onkyo TX-SR500 or the 500/600 packaged with the Onkyo speaker set. Anyone out there have comments on the 700. Some of the features I like with it are the composite to s-video conversion capability, powered zone two (kids watching a movie, adults out in the pool), HDTV video capability. I'm wondering if these little extras are worth the jump in price from the 500/600 or the new Denon 2803.

Any help would be appreciated.

You know, I have this receiver and I didn't even know it could upconvert video. I don't pass video through the receiver currently as my TV has enough inputs so far.
I CAN speak on its sound however...and I think it is superb. Build quality is excellent, power is very apparent and it can hit the lows and the highs (as well as the mids).
I have not used the zone 2 either so I cannot comment on that. I'm sure that the Denon 2803 has a similar sound and would also be an excellent choice in HT gear (if it has all the features you want).
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