Harmon Kardon avr 525 vs. Yamaha rx-v1300 or 2300 or Denon 3803


If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it. The dilemma is which of these 4 receivers. I can get the Harmon Kardon and Yammies at discounted prices from authorized dealers: $699 HK, Yammie rx-v1300 $695 and rx-v2300 for $899. The best that I can do on the denon is $1049 and I really do not want to spend that much unless it is so far superior to the others. The receiver is to be used for now for 2 stereo audio with Bose accoumass (2 satellites and subwoofer -- which someone gave me), and some movies (DVD, etc.) I might possibly get the Encore energy speakers in the future but for now, I am not. Also, it is in the bedroom and I do not want to have any problems from my neighbors who share my apartment wall. I have a full surround sound system elsewhere in the apartment. I do not want to lock myself in, and most importantly, I cannot stand bright or harsh or edgy sound. I am also not going to play it so loud that the room shakes as I will have my next door neighbor complaining. I know that it is the speakers that largely contribute to the warmth of the sound but has anyone compared the 3 receivers. (Again, I might in the future change to the energies so I do not necessarily want to buy exclusively for the Bose). Thanks for the advice.

Phil Krewer
These are alway hard questions to answer. We can all give you our opinions about what we have but everyones ears are different as are the rooms we have and the speakers we are using. The best thing to do is to listen to each of them with your speakers if you can and see which one you like the best.

The only suggestion that I have is why not buy a stereo receiver. You already have a surround system and you're only going to use it for stereo anyway. This would also save you some money. All of the brands that you mention sell them. Another thought would be to buy a mini-system. For less money than the receivers you mentioned you could buy a very nice sounding one with better speakers, IMO, than you plan to use.

One last thought is to set up a second zone in your bedroom with surround system you already own.



Thanks Phil but I have a DVD player in the bedroom and might like to have a little more oomph than just a stereo receiver although that is a possiblity. I think that would be boxing myself in. The problem is that some of the stores are fairly noisy and not geared to listening to nice quiet sound. Places like Brandsmart and Circuit City apparently are under the impression that the louder you play something or the louder it can play loud booming music is what people are seeking. I suppose this way, it hides alot of the flaws of the receiver and speakers. I suppose I might have to just try to listen and then make sure I have the right to return the product. I was just wondering what other people had heard as from reading some reviews of these products, some people love them and others have described as brash and tinny.

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