Overload circuit protection question


I just bought a Denon AVR-1803 and it keeps overloading on me. I checked all connections and they are all right. In "Direct" mode, I get sound out of one speaker only very low and as soon as I switch the mode to anything else like DPLII or Neo 6 it sounds like for a microsecond all speakers turn on at an extremely loud volume and then instantly the whole thing shuts down! The volume control is turned down almost to nothing (-65) so I dont understand it.
Anybody have any ideas as to why this is happening?

because its cheap denon take it back its faulty

There's a short somewhere. Disconnect all of the speakers and connect them one at a time until the simptom starts again. That's the speaker with the short. You may also have a defective unit.

Thanks Derek,

I think it is faulty because I tried unhooking every connection and it still does it. It seems ok in "direct" mode although its very quiet, but switch it to any "matrix" type mode like DPLII or Neo 6 and it shuts down instantly. In direct mode, even with all channels cranked to +12 I had to turn it up to -15 to get a decent listening level. Oh well, I'll take it back and exchange it. Hopefully the next one will work!

Hey ANONYMOUS....I can tell by your cultured reply that youre a seasoned audiophile. If youre such an expert, tell me, what do you have in your setup? Maybe I'll learn something from you.

and oh ya....if you couldnt tell... thats sarcasm in my voice.

I have a Marantz SR5200 It works just fine with my DVD or VCR but when I want to watch TV using my receiver and external speaker my Marantz just turns off after 6min turn it back on and 6min later it turns off again

I had the same issue w/ a Denon 1803. I had to take it back. It was 38 days old.
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