I did it! I actually ordered!


I was beginning to think that I would just research forever, but last night I ordered my new system. FYI (shipping included in prices):

Harman Kardon AVR225 ($350 at onecall.com)

Energy Take 5.2 ($675 at reliableaudiovideo.com)

I'm really psyched! I'll let everybody know when it arrives and I get it set up. I'm sure I'll have plenty of set-up questions.

I'm going to post this question on the DVD player board, but I noticed this one gets more traffic, so I'll ask it here too:

I need a 5-disc cd/dvd changer that plays mp3s. I will use it WAY more for music than for movies. I watch DVDs occasionally, but I honestly am not a big stickler for picture quality and such (I have an old-school 4:3 tv). I do care quite a bit about music quality, though, and mp3-playback-reliability. I was going to jump at the Panasonic CP72s, but I've read on a couple of threads now that it falls somewhat short when it comes to music. A couple of people have said that JVCs do a better job with music.

Anybody want to chime in here?

Hey Dave,


As for a really nice DVD A/V player, I'll recommend mine but I'm pretty sure it's a tad outside of the range you're trying to stay within (budgets stink...ugh!).

It's the Yamaha DVC 6480. It's a five disk changer. What really pushed me in it's direction (I paid $399, I just looked and saw it for $324 online) was the fact that it had 192khz/24bit Burr-Brown audio decoders. They are very, very nice and make for great music listening (which was also *very* high on my criteria list).

My system is basically used 80/20 in favor of music, so I was keen on gettng a nice DVD player that would have the best D/A (digi to analog) converters, have a quiet mechanism, decode MP3 and HDCD, and generally provide quality construction. The 6480 delivers really nice sound and I am very happy with it from the music perspective. It has also handled every bit rate MP3 I've thrown at it, though I haven't tried VBR (I'll check tonight on that).

Also on my list was having DCDi 3:2 pulldown for video (which the yam has) for eventual upgrade to a progressive scan-compatible HDTV (in the next few months). I know you mention that picture quality isn't a *huge* consideration right now, but for the few extra bucks, you're ready when you do upgrade i nthe future (and if you're on this board...you'll eventually upgrade ;-)

Again, this may be more than you care to spend, but I thought I'd let you know of a pretty good player in the Yam.

Keep shopping, you'll find what you're looking for..and congrats again!!

Let us know when everything is rigged up!


Phil Krewer
Hey Dave,

What you picked sounds very nice and for that price you must have got a sub as well. I'd be interested to know what you end up with for a changer. The Yamaha H1 suggest is very good and has gotten good reviews from what I have seen. I use the DACs on my receiver and from that stand point my CD/DVD player is used basically as a transport. Good shopping.
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