Upgrading from 5.1 to 7.1


I have a 5.1 receiver. (It's a Kenwood VR-606 if that makes any difference) To upgrade to 7.1 will I need to buy an entirely new 7.1 reciever or can a 5.1 and a sterio receiver be linked somehow? If a new receiver is required could you post some links to sites with reviews of 7.1 recievers? Thanks in advance for the help.

Please help.

This forum is a one hit wonder. People only come here to talk about the kenwood 6070 cause that's the only discussion that can be found on the serach engine. other then that not only these messages boards suck and never will get updated to something decent but you won't get much help around here either. like I said this place only gets hits cause of that one thread other then that it's slow and lame unless they change to a better forum system.

As for your question. it depends if your receiver has an input for an external amp. if it does then you can get a simple 2 channel amp to power the two other speakers that you'll be adding to your theater system. If not then yes you would have to get a whole new 7.1 reciever.

John K.
Anon, it isn't just a 6th or 7th amp channel that would be needed; the receiver would have to have internal processing for the 6th channel(in DD EX or DTS-ES)and outputs( I think Ali meant output rather than input)to send that signal to the 6th or 7th speaker. The 606 doesn't have this.

Some reasonably priced receivers that process 6.1(and can also be used to power a 7th speaker with the 6th amp channel)are the JVC 8030 and Pioneer 912.


The best link to reviews is right here on the ecoustics web site. Just click on the link for Product Reviews on the Ecoustics Home Page, then choose "Receivers" from the list of products.

What price range are you looking for?

John K, You talk about 6.1 receivers being able to do 7.1 stuff. Whats all that about then? I've just got a Marantz SR4300, which is 6.1, how would I go about making it 7.1 compatible - shurely there would need to be a software upgrade at least?


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