Noise problems with Marantz SR7300



Does anyone have a high frequency noise problem with his Marantz SR7300.

When operated at very low volumes (-40 to -50) I can easily hear a hissing/buzzing noise from the speakers. The noise is louder when a digital source is used and also when one of the surround modes is in use. Noise attenuates when source direct or analog is used.

I wonder if the SR7300ose also has the same problem.

I have notified Marantz and they are working to address this issue.

Any ideas??

It's a common problem with the 7300 Only heard about it after I had ordered and indeed it does make the noise. A few people say theirs doesn't do it but most do. Marantz have been notified. It will be interesting to see if they bother to fix it and if they do, can they fix it with the update link.

I had problem with the 7300 Only with optical cabel connected, and playing a CD. It has to be in DSP mode and when you hit play there is a high pitch noise heard from the speakers for a second.I replaced the first one but the 2nd one made the same noise.If you use analog cabels or leave the DSP off, and use auto mode, it was OK.The SR 7300 has a nice menu ,great look, easy setup. The noise and customer support was pretty upsetting. No Marantz for me! I did try the Yamaha RXV2300, great sound for movies, clean look, setup is a bit difficult if you dont like spending much time playing around.Didn't like the sound for music playback. Yamaha is a good choice if you use it for moore movies than music. I decided to give a try to Onkyos TX-SR800 . This one has it all. I can't find any problem with this machine, (Marantz and Yamaha remote was better I think) music or movie it sounds great,setup is not bad ,has 7.1 THX , DTS-ES, DTS96/24. Nice look, great sound, keeping this one.

I am back with some progress. I went ahead and returned the SR7300 back to the dealer and replaced it with a SR7300ose. To my disappointment however the noise continues to exist but it is much more attenuated. I can definitely hear it though from the central channel when I am close to it. It is better with respect to SR7300 but it is still there.

I am disappointed with the situation as I did not expect such a high-end AV receiver ($1,200) to have such a problem. I expected completely zero buzzing/hissing background at low levels of sound.

BTW is something like that common for surround sound receivers? Does anyone know anything about this topic?

Despite all these the sound for both movies and music is fantastic, well balanced and without distortions even at very loud levels. The remore also is easy to use and I really enjoy its multifunctions.

Any more ideas?

Yes, this is a common problem for most surround recievers. The problem usually occurs in the circutry and is an induction of PCM noise (pulse code modulation) which is the little 1s and 0s that are flying through your digital reference cables/equipment or in the D/A converter(s). One of the things you can do to help it is to make sure that your reciever is well isolated from any other form of digital equipment and your personal computer. It has become increasly difficult for manufacturers to eliminate this problem due to decreased production costs and more equipment using processors. Remember that it is an induction of noise somewhere in the system. Try to change cables, isolate components, ground everything and use only the best connectors. You will never eliminate 100% of the hiss. It is impossible as of yet since we don't live in a perfect world. There will always be a small hiss of some type wether audible to the human ear or not.

Mr. Anonymous thanks much for your reply, I appreciate this. That's good to know. I guess I don't know much about A/V receivers.

It is really amazing that my 20years old Onkyo receiver (TX-27) has no such problems. My old receiver is quite enough for me at low volumes.

Somehow I believe this problem is generated within the SR7300ose. Even if I connect my analog VCR without anything else connected (no computers nearby and the DVD is turned off) I still hear the noise. The noise is not the hissing that typically comes from an old analog tape recording, is more of a subtle buzzing/whistling background noise. Interestingly it is much more attenuated (almost non-existing) at the front R and L speakers but it is noticeable from the center channel even if the receiver is under "stereo" mode.

Any further ideas?

Nick Pigounakis
Marantz sr7300 noise..
I had the same kind of hiss when my Marantz 7300 was still new but after some run in of about a week or so I don't hear it anymore. But you have to consider also something else very important that many people are not even aware of. Electricity noise! This is actually a very good component and can't be compared with some older receivers not even for a joke! But because Marantz suplying a power cable that is a bit bright, which can be good on showing some details, but depending on your electricity system and your interconnects, speaker cables and even the speakers then maybe you are facing some electricity noice if the parts mantioned are sensitive to it! I bought my self a better quality power cable which adresses these kind isues and now it sounds superb! Clearer, smoother but with more sparkle at the same time, more dynamic. And you can also draw a power-line directly from the electricity meter-box like I did and then you have no noice whatsoever and perfect current flow. The perfomance becomes really briliant! If you don't think of course that this is too much...and if you don't have a friend that is electrician like I do.

Noise at low volume levels.
I just bought a SR4300 with the same problem! I was wondering whether upgrading to the SR5300 or the SR7300 woulld solve this but appearantly not. I will give it a few weeks but I must say I am very disappointed.
I'll try the power cable idea and see what happens.

Phil Krewer
If anyone is interested here's a rather lenghty and heated thread about this problem

Dear Nick,

Where have you been all this time while I was trying to find out what the problem was?

I did tried a extension cord from another room but still had the same problems. Marantz dealer told me that they could solve my problem by adding a grouding component to it (little capacitor/resistor, etc). Apparently they are aware of this noise.

Given all these troubles I decided to exchange my 7300ose for a Rotel RSX-1055. I only have the unit for 1 week but I am quite happy with it. I don't have the noise problems I had with the Marantz and its sound is much more fuller and warmer. Surround is also very good, I think I will keep this one. Cheers, HA

Hi my name Sanya! I live in Moscow, Russia! My A/V Receiver Marantz SR7300 has a hissing/buzzing noise from the speakers! What power cable need use for leaves problem?
Where buy or make it? Which electricity schemes of this cables? I am very glad using any help in any forms.

Alexander Zhuravlyov

anthony landry
I have just ordered a Marantz 7300ose and I hope not to have these problems aforementioned at this forum. However, from my experieces with hums, buzzes and so on, you must be very careful having your equipment plugged on the same circuit has with dimmer switches controlling ceiling fans and also cables lines nearby which can cause serious ground loop problems associated with these noises.Sometimes these problems may be eleminated with cheater plugs and by installing a direct power line from main electrical box to the source. Also I have experiece some of the best power conditioners will not resolve these issues.

Update on my earlier message
My dealer changed my SR4300 for another SR4300 but it had the same problem. I then tried the SR5300 and this one has no noise problems. Must have been a production problem with the SR4300s

I am back, just set up the 7300ose and sfsg no noise problems in the speakers or receiver in the analog or digital modes. Funny thing when I plugged it into my power pack II conditioner along with my Parasound Mono Blocks it would not turn on until I unplugged the Parasound Amps and also my power subwoofer. Does any one know why this happen??
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