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Vince Wagner
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A couple years ago my father pulled his old set up down from the attic (a Technics SA110 turner and a Sony PS-LX3 turntable). Since I started using it, there has been a noticeable ambient hum (or buzz, whichever you prefer) behind all albums played on it. Until this point, all the albums I played on came either from an antique store or thrift store, and, therefore, I was unsure as to how much of the buzz was the LPs and how much was the table.

Recently, I bought a fresh (as in brand-new) album and the buzz is terribly obvious in the otherwise wonderful sound. So, this leads me to believe that the buzz comes from the turntable itself.

Also of note, the turntable has a strip of metal that is different than the rest of the body and when I place my hand on it, the intensity of the buzzing weakens. Something else that might matter, I am able to change the intensity of the buzz by fiddling with the EQ settings on the tuner. And, when I hook my iPod or cd player up to the tuner, the buzzing doesn't appear. These facts make me fairly sure that the signal coming from the turntable contains the buzzing.

Any ideas on what I should do?

Thanks a billion!

Vince Wagner
Unregistered guest

I noticed last night, after my post, that there is a wire that appears to be a grounding wire coming from the turntable, but I don't know where to hook it up! Also, just now I noticed that if I place my hand in a spot on the turntable that weakens the buzz and then place my other hand on the tuner the buzz disappears completely.

Maybe that information helps?

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Attach the ground wire to a bare metal connection on your receiver. Normally a chassis screw will do nicely.

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