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Has anyone noticed their subwoofer (LFE) is much lower volume on DVD-A and SACD vs. DVD's or CD's? I have to turn my powered sub up 5 levels to get the "punch" on a SACD or DVD-Audio. Anyone have the same issue?

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it's very interesting mike some have problems
like yours and some the other way.

but one thing you can try is adjust the sub out
from the dvd player.

they usually have seperate settings for sacd and
dvd-a that should help you set it closer.

Have the same problem. Maybe it can also be a matter of frequency?
My sub and sorrounds both clip around 100 Hz, which matches my AV Receiver fed by S/PDIF.

But I suspect my player send 100-200 Hz range as LFE on analogue 5.1. In vane of course, since my sub cannot handle it.


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First of all you need to be using your multichannel inputs on your receiver not the digital input from your player. Then you need to do the base management setup. Using your sacd/dvd-A player set all speakers to small, tell it you have a subwoofer, set all speaker distances including your sub, and finally set your sound levels for each speaker including the sub using a sound pressure meter from Radio Shack. My receiver(Onkyo Integra DTR-7) has some multichannel input settings for sound levels as well so you may need to use both to get the correct setting. Set all speakers to 75db. I set my sub to 78.

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If you are using "all large" for the main speakers, I think the answer may be that the LFE channel is a headache for sound recording engineers. So, if used at all, it tedns to be used sparingly. They do not know how you will have your system set up. Also, there is not much real need for an active sub in music (just a little in some cases); its main application is collapsing buildings, explosions, etc. Even with video sound tracks, if we all had full-frequency range speakers all round, the LFE channel would be totally unnecessary.

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I am having the same problem, and it doesn't matter what speaker size settings I have. I know the DVD audio player is putting out a good level LFE channel, and I know the cables are good, but it seems to get lost in the receiver. What make and model receiver do you have, I am experiencing this problem with a Panasonic SA-HE 200K.

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Check to see if you can adjust the sound levels under the multichannel inputs of your receiver.
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