Does anybody own the HK AVR 225?????


I am planning on buying the HK AVR 225. If anybody owns this particular receiver or has any comments on HK in general, please feel free to comment.

Hi Chippa,

Congrats on the new receiver whichever one you choose.

I am a HK AVR525 owner and serious fan. I looked at many receivers in the $1000 range and the more research and listening I did th emore I was led to HK.

The 225 is a great box and has been very well reviewed on Cnet and other pro reviews here on ecoustics (winning more than one shoot-out). The abiding sentiment is that it is very musical and clean and for its honest wattage rating, very powerful.

Search here on AVR525, HK, and h1pst3r and you will find many of my earlier comments on HK.

Good luck,
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