Digital recierver?


on the look out for all digital home theater reciever. whats the best brand that will pack a whallop and produce accurate sounds.

Phil Krewer
To my knowledge there are no all digital recievers. There are a few that have digital amps. Sharp has a digital amp that was rated very high by Stereophile mag, but it cost 15,000. Sony and other companies have put out cheaper models, 300, but I don't know what the sound guality is. HK has a new receiver with a digital amp and its MSRP is 1200. Again, I don't know how it sounds. All of these convert the signal to analog in the end.



That new HK model seems to be one of the first (affordable, other than the garbabge Sony stuff) that is pure digital amplification.

I was almost tempted but I was a little concerned about the 55w/ch (even as an HK-owner and being aware of their conservative power ratings). Also, who wants to be a beta tester for a first-mover given the price tag.

If it's a hit and can stand on its merits then they have a potential winner. However, if the market isn't receptive (to the price) or if the amp fails to complete more-than-favorably to its analog competition (and at $1200 there is some smoking competition) it seems to me that this may the receiver you find at ubid or onecall for $500 in a year.

Time will tell. Tough economy for new and novel technology though for sure.


Phil Krewer
Hey H1p,

Yeah, I agree. If this is what you want to try the HK seems to be the one to look at. My understanding is that they are going to put out a 100W/ch version as well, but no idea about the cost. I listened to the Sony at CC and was not that impressed, but my taste lies elsewhere. Besides, like you I'd rather wait until they get all of the bugs out of the system.

The smaller size and less heat disapation are nice and tempting. I've also read that the digital amps have a problem with high distortion without some expensive circuitry, which is another reason to stay away from the less expensive models.




Good point about the distortion. I was very surprised to see the THD rating of the HK unit...much higher than I would have expected.


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