Rogers LS35a as basis for a 5.1 system?


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OK, I am an audio enthusiast considering the move to 5.1 systems cause i want to rediscover some of my favorite albums in SACD and DVD-A (Dylan, Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel, Colour of Spring from Talk Talk).

Now, through the years, i've been able to have a nice and well-balanced stereo system:
CD player: Micromega Stage 3
Amp: Cambridge Azur 540D
Spkers: Rogers LS 35a.

Now, as u can see, i am trying to get a natural sounding system, but i can't afford high-end material.

To get to that 5.1 system, I'll probably trade my Cambridge Amp for their AV receiver (if they solved their clicking and drop-out problem).
Now, i have many questions:
- is it a good idea to use my 2 Rogers as a basis for the speakers?
- Rogers is not in AV (in fact they are not business anymore!)...So what would be a nice match in the 600CAN$ range? I was about to buy Athena's Micra 6 (big deal at 360$), but from what I've read here, i'll probably hate them after a while...
- can we bi-wire speakers to AV receivers???

Thanks for any experience shared.

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The Cambridge receivers are supposed to have solved that problem and will have an exciting new receiver out shortly you may want to wait for it. As for speakers I don't know what to say. I like the Rogers speakers and don't know of anything short of Spendor's that sound anything like them. Meaning that you will need to see about home auditions or get a whole new set of speakers. Really for SACD and DVD-A your speakers should be an exact voice match. Good luck.

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Since I own a pair of Rogers LS3/5a's (15 Ohm, #3029) I would tell you they make less than ideal HT speakers. If your speakers are the 15 Ohm version, they are brutal on amplifiers and most HT gear can't deal well with the impedance. They also have such a low efficiency that you are rather limited on volume; which in many cases is the essence of HT. If you are sufficiently high brow enough that you will never get more outrageous than Masterpiece Theater with your HT, then the Rogers will survive and do a very good job. If you are ever tempted to bring home that Bruce Willis flick, remember replacement drivers for 3/5a's are difficult to find and expensive when you do.

I would suggest the Rogers stay at the heart of a two channel system and you find a substitute for HT.


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If I have misread your post and you are not looking for a HT system but merely a 5.1 music system, let me know and I'll discuss alternatives to using the Rogers in that set up.


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As to the loudspeakers playing there roll, the room it self not the acoustics, I'm talking about the floor it self vibrations travelling and giving that feel, this evening when I went shopping at "ASDA" there little home cinema set-up in the store, got me thinking, while you could not feel it directly, by pacing my hand on the display stand yes the frequencies travelling throw me, so the "floating floor" is a go.

Sometime soon I'll build a "floating floor" to take it fervour, has I have seen one at the college for music & technology a year & half ago easy to design & build the cost would be next to nothing.....

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Rogers have been reintroduced i saw them in this months Hi-Fi News,so it apears they are back in business they look pretty well built and they had agood review.
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