NAD DVD player for NAD T763 or something else??


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Hi guys,

I just bought a T763, and I loved it. By the way, i need anopinion on what DVD players to use, I'm thinking of the T562, or the 572. You guys suggest using the same dvdplayer? or should I go with pioneer or denon, or is the bravo D1 a better buy? let me know , thanks for your inputs..

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Hey Alex P- I just said this same thing on the other thread, but here it is again for this thread...

Alex P- I currently have a Pioneer Elite DVD 45-A hooked up to my NAD T761 using the 5.1 analog hook-ups and personally think it sounds amazing. You can find them for a pretty reasonable price either on sale or on the web. Another benefit, is that it's upgradeable. I paid to have the audio portion to be upgraded and reconfigure to match the Elite 47-A by my local audio shop. I paid $375.00 for the DVD player and then I paid another $100.00 for the upgrade. Now I have a dvd player that's every bit as good as the audio portion of the Hi-end Pioneer Elite dvd 47-A which retails for a lot more money. It's a great inexpensive short cut for a hi-end DVD player.

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Alex, I picked up an old T532 for around $300 when I bought my T763. I am particulary picky when it comes to video and I was a little wary but the dealer convinced me to give it a try. I am extremely impressed. The color detail is excellent and the progressive scanning is top notch. I have not tried it, though, with any of the lesser DVD's in my collection. I did try the DVD 45-A that Jason recommends and found it to be nice, but I could not get past the chroma bus issue (if you don't know, you're better off not asking).

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thanks, Jason and Ben. So do you think there's a reason to buy the T562? all i see different was the HDCD decoding, isnt that more on the music side than movies? Well, the A/V dealer here in the Bay Area, uses the 532 for the display and i think it has good display and sound quality. I aslo like the Pioneers they are awesome as well. But again for the sound I prefer the NAD receivers. I tested the RX-V2400 and the NAD T763 using my new Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro with REL Q108 sub. The features on the Yamaha are phenomenal, but the sound quality is NAD all the way, very crisp and clear. Well, thanks again for the inputs...

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NAD recently replaced the 532 with the 533 and the 512 with the 513. You might have a look at the 533, since it is less expensive than the 562, has pretty good specs, and adds DVD-Audio.
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