Ok, I'm ready to be abused...here's my nube question


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I am not an audiophile. I'm patching together some inexpensive equipment from Ubid for a starter system. Onkyo 602 Receiver, Onkyo 302 DVD, Fluance speakers. Basically I'm cheap but, will upgrade over time

I see all kinds of subwoofers / all prices.

I see an ad at Brandsmart USA for a Advent ASW1200 powered subwoofer (100 watt, 12"). for $68 bucks. It's downfiring and not video shielded.

I know this is cheap stuff but, what kind of problem does the "non-video shielding" cause? How far away from the TV to avoid any problems?

Also, any issues with the 4 ohm impedence?

Will this work for awhile till I scrape together a few more pennies?

Ok...let fly with the verbal abuse!


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Non-video shielding will distort the picture if the speaker is too close. How close depends on a lot of factors,e.g., size of speaker magnet, type of tv chasis. Long term exposure may permanenetly damage picture tube. 4 ohm speakers should be purchased with caution and with the capabilities of your receiver/amp in mind. Many will be damaged by driving such a load unless they are designed to do so. How long before damage occurs is impossible to say. If the receiver/amp says 6-8ohms and you use 4 ohm speakers, your warranty will likely be voided.

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It also seems like your THD (distortion) level goes up with the 4 amp

Agreed, don't get it too close to the TV screen. 15 years ago, it took me a couple of hours to figure out that my unsheilded Boston Acoustic speakers, though looking good sitting on top of the TV, where not doing much for the color on my TV set. :-)

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If you are new in the AV market, why try to do this on your own to save a few bucks? The cheapskates here will disagree and abuse me, but you will be better off going to a shop where someone with some experience can help you put together a system that can work well and be upgraded without having to throw away most of the system. Internet shopping can work well if you know more about the equipment. First time out - get some professional help. (This doesn't mean Best Buy.)


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Is your budgeted limited to $68 +/- $10 for a powered subwoofer? If not, I would recommend Yamaha YST-SW1500 powered subwoofer. It has 1000 watts + magnetic shielding (a.k.a. video shielding). I have one myself. Retail is $999 but B&H Photo carries it for $450 each!...and they are authorized dealers of Yamaha. Therefore, it comes with full 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Good Luck.
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